Inside the September 2011 Issue of Cleaner

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Tapping into Insight Tapping into Insight
While working as a full-time treatment plant superintendent, Kevin Jacobson launched and runs a successful inspection and cleaning firm
Letters to Remember
SCORE and SBDC provide valuable financial advice and business-planning services to small-company owners
Why Did You Do It?
People start businesses for all kinds of reasons and with all sorts of motivations. What was it that finally pushed you into entrepreneurship?
September Industry News
Aquatech de Las Americas Launches Website; WOMA Sells Controlling Interest to Karcher; Workers Return at General Wire; Techspray Launches Product Website
Just One Call Just One Call
Subterrain Technologies gives customers a single point of contact for help with a host of underground infrastructure challenges
Sizzle That Sells Sizzle That Sells
A trailer-mounted 4,000 psi jetter and service van make a sharp impression while traveling – and deliver big cleaning performance on the job
Follow the Money
Embezzlement can do your business serious damage. Here are several common-sense steps you can take to protect yourself.
Mainline Sewer Inspection Mainline Sewer Inspection Mainline Sewer Inspection September Product News September Product News
Featured new products.
Adjustable Spray Head  Provides Job Flexibility Adjustable Spray Head Provides Job Flexibility When It’s Never Quiet
Tinnitus can be a lasting and most unpleasant result of long-term and unprotected exposure to loud noises
Pole-mounted cameras provide a high-quality, cost-saving complement to traditional crawler-based pipeline inspection
Holding the Fort Holding the Fort
A cured-in-place lining system helps workers fix leaking drain lines while preserving the historic character of a Florida landmark