Grouts and Sealants

Manufacturers offer a wide range of products for stopping leaks and rehabilitating drain lines, sewer pipes and manholes
Grouts and Sealants

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There are many ways in which pipes and manholes can develop leaks, and many ways to fix those leaks when they occur. Here are some of the latest innovations in grouts, sealants and related equipment offered by industry manufacturers.


Layering of resins

SpectraShield from CCI Spectrum Inc. is a systematic layering of polymer resins designed to rehabilitate and protect manholes, pipes and other structures. The product, which has a design life of 100 years, stops groundwater infiltration and prevents corrosion. It can be installed in any shape or configuration. A typical 7-foot-deep manhole can be completed in about one hour. 904/268-4951;


High-volume leaks

Parson Seal-Tite from Parson Environmental Products Inc. is a moisture-insensitive, two-component, fast-reacting hydrophobic polyurethane grout designed to stop high-volume active leaks up to 50 gpm. The chemically resistant formula cures to a dense, rigid mass in about 30 seconds. The product is packaged in a dual cartridge with a static mixer and is injected at or near the source of the leak, using a manual, dual-component caulk gun. It contains no solvents, CFCs or HFCs. 800/356-9023;


Separated outlets

Sulzer Mixpac USA Inc. offers B Series 50 mL cartridges with rectangular back, which feature a removable cap, attachment flange, separated outlets to minimize cross-contamination, pre-assembled pistons (with or without O-ring) and interface with the mixer. 603/893-2727;


Apply to wet surfaces

Crystal-X from AP/M Permaform seals out water and binds back dust while hardening and enhancing the surface to resist abrasion. The product, which becomes a part of the substrate, is non-toxic, resistant to aggressive chemicals, and can be applied to the positive or the negative side of concrete. It cannot puncture, tear or come apart at the seams, and does not require a dry surface for application. 800/662-6465;


Low shrinkage

Ultrafine cementitious grouts from Avanti International are comprised of a finely ground mixture of Portland cement, pumice and dispersant. Particle sizes are 90 percent <5 microns averaging 2.5 microns and 90 percent <8 microns averaging 4 microns. The product has little or no bleed, two hours of injectability without measurable agglomeration, high volume stability (less than 1 percent linear shrinkage), low superplasticizer content, and enhanced strength and decreased permeability because of pore refinement. 800/877-2570; www.­


Flexible foam

Hydro Active Combi Grout from De Neef Construction Chemicals Inc. is hydrophobic polyurethane grout that, when mixed with Hydro Active Flex Cat, fills voids outside a structure or joints and cracks in concrete structures. In its uncured form, the product is an amber-colored, non-flammable liquid. When it comes in contact with water, the grout expands and cures to a tough, flexible, closed-cell polyurethane foam. 800/732-0166;


Inflatable bladder

The Man Entry Pipe Lateral Grouter from Logiball Inc. is an inflatable bladder with threaded adapter used with Logiball’s standard lateral grouting plugs to seal laterals from a man entry pipe or a manhole. The product comes with one inflation port for the lateral bladder, one inflation port for the 4- to 6-inch bladder, and two ports for the chemical grout. 800/246-5988;



Perma-Mortar Flex from Perma-Liner Industries Inc. is a cementitious, acrylic, emulsion-based, highly flexible protective coating and waterproof barrier. The two-component product resists water, moisture and abrasion. Its liquid mixing component is solvent-free. It can be applied by spray or brush. Coverage is about one vertical foot in a 48-inch manhole per 50-pound bag at quarter-inch thickness. 866/336-2568;


Sets quickly

Thoroc Plug from PrimeLine Products Inc. is a cement-based, water-stop mortar that sets in 45 to 60 seconds, producing the rapid strength needed to stop hydrostatic water flow. 877/409-7888;


Variable-output pump

RFI Construction Products offers the RSP-200 rotor/stator manhole repair grout pump and SPN spinning nozzle with variable output. It handles materials from paint to fine-grain mortars and has a product output up to 3 gpm with a maximum pumping pressure of 300 psi. All components are removable from the frame for ease of cleaning and handling. The pump has a waterproof control box, single-phase electric power, and a pump reverse jog button to relieve pressure in the hose line for safety. 631/752-8899;


Free of volatiles

SprayShield Green II from Sprayroq Inc. is a semi-rigid, 100 percent solids polyurethane coating that provides chemical resistance for concrete, steel and other surfaces. The product has a standard color of forest green, is free of VOCs, and has a bio-based content of 34 percent. Its coverage is 16 square feet per gallon at 100 mil thickness. 800/634-0504;


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