A luxury vehicle manufacturer thinks its updated van will tickle your fancy.

Do you want to class-up your drain cleaning and plumbing operation? Now you can. Mercedes wants small business owners and contractors to consider its updated Sprinter van a must-have for its convenience, fuel economy and overall lightweight features. 

According to an article on TheTruthAboutCars.com, the luxury vehicle manufacturer wants to capitalize on the growing popularity of European-style vans in the United States commercial van market. 

This announcement comes after news recently broke that the 2015 Ram ProMaster service van got a facelift

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Bernie Glaser, Mercedes-Benz USA vice president and managing director of the van unit, says the newer — and taller and lighter — Sprinter vans get better gas mileage than the vehicles they’re replacing. 

In order to boost production and sales of the new commercial van the manufacturer plans include adding more sales channels, expanding dealerships, and creating stronger marketing tactics. The Mercedes-Benz Vans USA unit — a new division for the manufacturer — that sells the Sprinter van plans to add dealers and models and will increase sales in the next few years. 

With 21,816 Sprinters sold in 2013, Mercedes hopes the accelerated growth and marketing will move more Sprinters into the wrap shop in 2014. 

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“The unit saw 1,288 vans sold in January as small business owners coming out of the Great Recession with more confidence in the market headed to the nearest dealer,” says the article. And vans like the Sprinter that boast big cargo volume with a smaller footprint are one more reason small business owners and contractors are slowly but surely bouncing back from the economic hit. 

Of course, this luxury van is not your only option if you’re in the market for a new service van. Ford, Nissan and Chrysler have or are preparing new van entries, so keep your eye out for those.   

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