Inspection Camera System Focused on Convenient User Experience

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In this video from the 2022 WWETT Show, John Bartucciotto of EPL Solutions takes a look at the company’s Gvision M1 inspection camera system, a new model that is housed in a ballistic case.

In this new configuration, the screen was given the ability to pivot, a feature that when paired with its anti-glare quality makes for a very user-friendly experience for the operator, no matter where the pipe is being accessed. For example, say you have to go through the roof on a pipe inspection. Rather than bring all system components onto the roof with you, you can keep the monitor on the ground, Bartucciotto says.

“Traditionally everyone takes all their equipment onto the roof because that’s what you have to do to see it. But with the Gvision M1, you can just tilt the screen so you can see it from the roof, walk up with the camera head, and from the roof you can see this display perfectly. Even with the sun behind you beating on the monitor.”

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