Every Inspection Camera Needs a Good Lighting System

With three different lighting options, the ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler will illuminate any space you're trying to inspect

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There’s a reason movie directors call the signature "Lights, camera, action!” in that order. Without appropriate lighting, even a powerful camera will have trouble picking up the action. This rule applies to sewer inspection cameras too. The camera will only be as effective as its lighting system once deployed within underground pipelines.

Envirosight’s powerful ROVVER X camera comes with zoom capabilities and 40 built-in, dimmable LED lights. The rear camera, specifically placed to assist with backing up, is also equipped with twin tri-LED lights. To further improve visibility, the rear camera is situated above the cable, so your view remains unobscured.

Interested in learning more? Get an on-site demo of the ROVVER X crawler inspection system and see the lights in action for yourself. Request a demo here.


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