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NASSCO membership includes many benefits such as discounts on PACP, ITCP and other training, involvement in NASSCO’s dynamic committees, and exclusive member-only networking opportunities with contractors, public agencies, consulting engineers and suppliers. It also provides technical resources and even technical guidance to its members and nonmembers, including access to NASSCO’s impressive Technical Advisory Council.

The dedicated members of NASSCO’s TAC include Christopher Garrett, P.E., Brown and Caldwell (who serves as the chair of TAC); Chris Macey, P.E., AECOM; Lynn Osborn, P.E., Leo Consulting; Kaleel Rahaim, CIPP Consulting; and Jerry Weimer, Jerry Weimer Consulting. The TAC also has two associate members, Eric Haenlein, P.E., Inliner Solutions; and Veronica Alvarez, Redzone Robotics.

This group of highly experienced and respected professionals is available to provide answers to difficult technical questions, thanks to their combined decades of hands-on field experience and knowledge in a variety of trenchless technologies and methods. Since its inception, the TAC has received many questions, including the following:

  • What causes pinholes and/or small bubbles in CIPP?
  • Can the factor of safety be reduced from 2.0 to 1.5 when designing CIPP for large sewer rehabilitation?
  • Do NASSCO guidelines contain information about suggested pressure and/or jetter configurations for the cleaning of ductile iron pipes?
  • Are there any industry standards or best practices about how an employee cleans up their tools and equipment after a sewer cleaning operation?
  • Is CIPP a suitable method for rehabilitating a gravity sewer that has previously been rehabilitated with a plastic product?
  • Is there an industry report or standard regarding the effectiveness of Automated Defect Recognition for gravity sewer coding using PACP?
  • Would NASSCO provide a future webinar on some of the emerging styrene treatment technologies, with more in-depth information?
  • What changes should we expect with PACP Version 8?
  • Is there documentation from a reputable source indicating the frequency at which municipalities or “owners” should conduct wastewater master plans?

Answers to these questions and many more can be found within the NASSCO Pipeline magazine, available for viewing at

Do you have a unique technical question you would like answered by the NASSCO TAC? Submit your question via and a member of the TAC will reply to you within two business days. As a reminder, you may also submit questions pertaining to health, safety and environmental issues. To learn more about NASSCO resources and becoming a member, visit

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