Full System Pipe Rehabilitation Even for Complex Configurations

NuFlow’s push-pull in place pipe lining combined with wye and tee connections enable full system rehab without choke points

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Full System Pipe Rehabilitation Even for Complex Configurations

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For 25 years, NuFlow Technologies, has been a trailblazer in trenchless rehabilitation, setting itself apart from the competition. NuFlow’s innovative pipelining technology has been instrumental in saving money and time for property managers, businesses and homeowners by efficiently repairing pipes from the inside. 

NuFlow’s signature precision push/pull-in-place installation method was designed for small diameter, inside the building, and under slab applications. The unique method allows for real-time installation monitoring with a camera, ensuring precise placement in the plumbing network. 

It offers a comprehensive solution for complex configurations, capable of handling multiple 90-degree fittings, including short-sweep style vent 90s, as well as wye and tee connections, giving customers the peace of mind that their pipes are fully protected.

Mike Lomonaco of Lomonaco Coast Plumbing supports this approach, saying, “NuFlow’s product and process are the best available. The process is really hands-on. I like that you can double check your work and verify tie-ins. Pull-in-place is the way to go.” 

Lining wyes and tees is more practical with NuFlow precision push/pull-in-place because it doesn’t result in a significant section of double layer liner material. Using inversion and reinstating the branch lines results in a substantial section of double layer material which can adversely impact flow. Due to the structure of “Y” or “T” shaped connection collars, up to 8 inches on either side of the reinstatement will have a double thickness (the inverted liner, plus the connection collar), potentially choking the flow at that point. With pull in place, because we can line up to (but not over) the branch connection, the wye or tee is not initially lined. The overlap is at most 1 inch on each side of the connection, where the pull-in-place liner meets the connection collar and thus flow reduction is highly unlikely.

Chris McNulty from NuFlow St. Louis notes, “Often the wyes and tees are in good shape, but when they aren’t you have to have a solution for the whole system. Pull in place with connection collars gives you that full system rehab without creating the potential for flow reduction. That way we can return the system to its owner having rehabilitated 100% of their drainage pipes.”

In addition, whether it’s NuDrain CIPP or NuCure Cold Cure UV, the precision pull-in-place system requires minimal equipment, resulting in a smaller footprint on job sites and a relatively inexpensive purchase price. Contractors often recoup their initial investment within the first few jobs.

Aaron Simpson of I Fix Pipe speaks to his experience: “I tried other companies, but their products were more complicated. I chose NuFlow for their product quality and the knowledge of their team.” 

Patented lining technology

Patents are not just a matter of bragging rights; they signify a more efficient and effective approach to solving complex lining challenges. This holds especially true for small-diameter sewer and drain pipes. 

NuFlow’s patented pipelining technology is unique in solving complex lining challenges. This innovation relies on an adaptable rubber bladder that maintains consistent contact with the host pipe, even in challenging bends. The technology includes a non-stretchable strap and retaining sleeves to prevent imperfections like folds or air gaps, ensuring better flow and all but eradicating obstructions in small diameter pipes. Other companies must avoid violating these patents, which can result in substandard approaches that may fail to navigate bends, leave gaps between the host pipe and the liner, or end with straight-up liner failure.  

John Perry of Perry Plumbing & Pipelining attests to NuFlow’s quality, stating, “We decided on NuFlow because of the quality of the product. Their product is far superior to all the other companies out there.” 

Unmatched support

NuFlow has focused on support for its network of Certified Contractors. NuFlow offers continuing education classes, allowing installers to advance from apprentice to master-level training and is famous for its 24/7 technical job support. Ray Michaels of Maui Plumbing notes, “I am always impressed by the level of response from NuFlow. They are always available for technical questions and the people really know what they are talking about. NuFlow is a no brainer. Their support is unmatched, and they just care more, period.” 

Visit NuFlow at the WWETT Show, booth 6327, for live demos of its 2-inch, wye and tee full system rehab, and Cold Cure UV pipelining technologies on Thursday, Jan. 25 and Friday, Jan. 26 at 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 2:30 p.m.

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