Creating Customer Loyalty One Jetting Job at a Time

A new company sees early success by offering high-quality equipment and top-notch customer service

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Creating Customer Loyalty One Jetting Job at a Time
Jetters Northwest featured Rewes Drain Cleaning Company in Danver, Illinois, as the January 2017 Customer of the Month.

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Rewes Drain Cleaning has been around for about two years and has already set itself apart from the competition by offering an instant value through their services. As most of us know, customer service is everything in a business and is the first quality that customers look for when choosing ongoing service; but don’t forget about the first impression. Having professional-quality equipment will help instill confidence in the company, while ensuring less time on the job. Sam McCaw and Rewes Drain Cleaning understand this. The proof is in the pudding!

Jetters Northwest featured Sam McCaw of Rewes Drain Cleaning Company in Danver, Illinois, as the January 2017 Customer of the Month.

Please tell us about your company.
We are a young company; Rewes just turned two years old back in October. The main growth pattern we have seen is on our residential end. Since buying the first compact skid jetter (by Jetters Nothwest) almost a year ago, we noticed that not a week went by where we didn’t get a sewer cleared that another company couldn’t. People have called us for second opinions after being told they need their sewer replaced, only to have us in and out of their homes in a matter of an hour or two with a yearlong warranty against tree root growth. This also opens the door for repeat business as we send a reminder to their home one year later stating: It’s time to check the root growth again.

Summarize your search for a jetter. What did you need in a jetter?
I wanted something powerful enough to cut roots but also easy on the budget since I was such a new company at the time of my first purchase. I always told myself the next jetter is going to be a high-flow trailer unit. After getting familiar with the compact skid jetter I realized this thing was plenty powerful enough for everything we do. I also like the fact that you can attach a smaller hose and jet 2-inch drains. My trucks don’t leave the shop without a Brute jetter inside them. It makes no difference if the customer has a mainline blocked with roots or a kitchen drain full of grease, this machine handles it all.

What similar equipment had you already owned?
Before buying my first compact skid jetter, I owned a 1984 35 gpm/2,000 psi trailer unit. The thing works great and I still keep it in work-ready condition but I couldn’t tell you the last time its been on a job site. The machines Jetters Northwest produces made me a big believer in jetters. I also owned a wide variety of cable augers, most of which, except maybe my tub machine, all sit in the shop now. My employees like to joke that we are an “augerless drain cleaning company.”

How did you first hear about Jetters Northwest?
I am a member of the online forum “Plumbing Zone.” A couple members on there already own units by Jetters Northwest and spoke very highly of them.

What were the major factor(s) in choosing Jetters Northwest?  
The customer service was amazing. I still speak to the same people every time I call and that is very important to me. My company was so new at the time that cash flow was extremely important to me. They worked directly with a finance company and made the entire process very affordable.

How has your Jetters Northwest equipment improved your business?
In more ways than I will probably ever know. After reviewing the books and seeing how much run time we were actually putting on the first compact skid jetter and also having to tell customers on a daily basis that we couldn’t fit them into the schedule, I decided to buy a second unit. Having two jetters running around town all day has been a major blessing. We have happy customers who leave great reviews on our Facebook page and even refer us to their neighbors and family.

What has been the key to the success and growth of your business?
Doing what others cannot. I can’t count how many times we have shown up at a customer’s home and they think they are in for several thousand dollars worth of repair work and a giant hole in their front yard. When you show those people the sewer camera screen after jetting and it’s just a nice clean pipe they are beyond happy. Those are the kind of customers who pass the good word to everyone they know. Referrals are the best form of advertising and you can’t put a price on that. We also take a lot of pride in leaving a clean work area. Before any work is done a brand-new tarp is laid on the floor and extra care is taken to make sure the home is just as clean, if not cleaner, when we leave.

What makes your business different from others in the industry?
We aren’t coming into your home with the intention of selling the customer on an expensive sewer replacement, as I know a lot of companies aim to do. Instead I want to clean the customers’ sewer properly to where they don’t have to replace their old clay lines. This is a win-win situation for both the customer and me. They don’t have to spend the big bucks on a line replacement and now I have a customer who is going to call me every year or so to keep the root growth under control.

What is most important to you in choosing a vendor or service provider for your business?
Customer service and quality-made product with as many “Made in U.S.A.” parts as possible.

How has your overall experience been with Jetters Northwest?
Not sure if my current market will handle a third unit on the road but if we feel that is needed, Jetters Northwest will get the call for sure!

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Happy jetting!

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