The Manhole Inspection Solution That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Meet Quickview 360, the cloud-connected manhole camera from Envirosight

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The Manhole Inspection Solution That Doesn’t Break the Bank

Built to get the most out of every manhole inspection, Envirosight’s Quickview 360 keeps costs low while maximizing inspection detail and crew productivity. The portable manhole camera system is easily controlled by a single operator, making one-person jobs a breeze. Quickview 360 can complete a full manhole scan in just five minutes, enabling as many as 80 manhole assessments per day.

With precision-guided descent, the system's 360-degree camera captures comprehensive visual data from manhole walls, yet keeps file sizes compact for quick upload, sharing and analysis via WinCan Web. Inside WinCan, you gain access to powerful tools for coding your footage, generating reports and exporting 3D geometry.

With greater detail, faster inspections and more automation capabilities, Quickview 360 helps your manhole inspection crew reach new levels of performance. See it for yourself with a free demonstration:

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