ROVVER X SAT II: Where Productivity and Efficiency Combine

Discover how Envirosight’s ultimate lateral launch tool can help your crew complete lateral inspections quickly and decrease equipment downtime

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ROVVER X SAT II: Where Productivity and Efficiency Combine

Get the most out of every minute at the manhole with ROVVER X SAT II. Envirosight designed the ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch crawler to move through lines at 98 feet per minute and launch down laterals as fast as 23 feet per minute — so you can complete jobs faster. ROVVER X SAT II is your partner in boosting productivity for your lateral inspection workflow. 

Plus, efficient features have reduced bottlenecks to keep your system rolling. ROVVER X SAT II’s unique belt drive eliminates pushrod wear and tear, so your team spends less time on finicky rod and cable maintenance — leaving you with more time for conducting inspections. And less equipment downtime lets you finish more jobs in less time.  

Ready to see how Envirosight’s lateral launch solution can help your team work more efficiently? Request a free ROVVER X SAT II demo today.

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