It’s Time to Upgrade Your Asset Management Strategy

Discover how switching to WinCan inspection software for asset management helped these contractors better organize and utilize their asset data

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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Asset Management Strategy

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Updating your asset management strategy is intimidating, especially when there are so many options to choose from. Moving from hardcopy reports to digital via the cloud is a particularly big step. This transition is made easier by advanced asset management software that’s made to fit your unique inspection needs. Across industries, WinCan sewer inspection software, part of the iPEK solutions portfolio, is simplifying the data and asset management process. 

Faster, more efficient manhole scans and reports

When they became co-owners of LRIE, Inc., Karoline Headrick and her business partner chose to implement asset management software rather than follow in their predecessor’s footsteps by recording inspections by hand. Adopting WinCan software services has streamlined the wastewater contractor’s manhole assessment workflow. When working by hand, Headrick explained that it took her crew about 90 minutes to complete and record a single inspection. 

“Now,” she says, “we just send the WinCan crew our raw data scans, and they run them through their automated system. It only takes a week for them to process, review and return a batch of 150-200 scans.” 

Indeed, introducing this new assessment technology has made Headrick’s inspection crew much more efficient, and has enabled the contractor to assist more municipalities with their assessment needs.  

Comprehensive deliverables assist with maintenance planning

When wastewater contractor Integrity Inspection Solutions invested in Envirosight’s ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch system, they knew that they’d be able to offer a greater number of services to their customers. What they didn’t realize was the increased quality of deliverable they’d be capable of producing for every lateral assessment. 

For one project at an apartment complex, the Integrity team was “able to come in and provide a detailed report, give them the video links via WinCan Web, and get everybody up to speed on what was going on,” company president Richard Mason notes. “We could help actually provide [the customer] with a path to repair — giving him clear insights into what the issues were so he could start planning how to fix them.”

The customer hadn’t received substantial insight into pipe condition from the plumbing contractor they’d worked with previously. The Integrity crew’s reports truly made the difference, enabling the customer to take direct action in their maintenance planning. 

Simplified, modernized asset management

Network Rail High Speed Limited manages over 225 kilometers of high-speed railroad track including the High Speed 1 route in the United Kingdom. The Network Rail High Speed team had about 250 survey DVDs and associated reports to keep track of their assessment data and asset condition. But with over 10,000 drainage assets and many other under-track structures to keep tabs on, the Network Rail High Speed crew needed a new management solution that organized and consolidated their data.

The team decided it was time to investigate software options, particularly one that included a GIS system and a comprehensive database. They turned to WinCan data services, which converted the organization’s asset data and inspection video into the WinCan VX format. From there, the software produced a GIS model that allowed Network Rail High Speed’s crew to visualize the track’s full drainage network. 

“Some 98% of validated drainage data is now up and running on the new WinCan system … from the historic data that WinCan has reformatted for us, and we now have the right platform on which to build and to make future updated information effective,” says asset engineer Thomas Morgan. 

The adoption of the new software solution simplified Network Rail High Speed’s data management process, cutting down on unnecessary guesswork and uncertainty and making their historic data more visible. 

WinCan’s advanced software offerings have something for every inspection team, big or small, municipality or contractor. Discover why WinCan is the ultimate inspection management solution.

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