Get To Know the New Quickview 360’s AI Features

Explore the AI capabilities of Envirosight’s all-new manhole inspection camera

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Get To Know the New Quickview 360’s AI Features

Quickview 360 captures 360-degree HD video of manholes using super-bright LEDs, twin cameras and a laser rangefinder. This footage can then be uploaded to WinCan’s cloud environment for AI data processing and point cloud modeling.

Use Quickview 360 to automate manhole assessments via

  • AI defect coding powered by WinCan’s AI engine
  • Automated report generation and project-linked deliverables
  • 3D modeling capabilities with CAD-ready exports

Quickview 360’s AI-enhanced feature set streams inspections from the field to the cloud, where data processing begins immediately and automatically. As a result, essential insights get from operators to engineers faster, with less manual data entry and transfer.

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