Jobber Expands Free Educational Resources for Contractors

Three new YouTube series will provide practical insights directly from experienced home-service entrepreneurs and industry influencers

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Jobber, a leading provider of operations management software for home-service businesses, recently announced the availability of three new YouTube Series: “Ask a Business Mentor,” “Shop Talk,” and “Jobber Academy” video series with episodes already available to stream on Jobber’s YouTube channel. Each series will continue to release episodes on a bi-weekly basis during their seasons, which will consist of 8-12 episodes.

Jobber’s YouTube videos have already received 65,000 views since the initial episodes were released in December 2022, demonstrating the significant demand and ongoing need for educational content in the home-service industry.

The new YouTube series join a long list of free, value-first content created by Jobber that demonstrate the company’s commitment to the home-service category and the professionals within it. Resources provided by Jobber include:

“The wide array of content Jobber creates is designed to provide value to home-service pros and entrepreneurs to ensure they are successful at every stage of their business and professional journeys,” says Jason Ford, creative director at Jobber. “We aim to be as thoughtful as possible with how we deliver content so that professionals can find it in their preferred formats, whether that is video, podcasts, emails, events, online articles, social posts, and more. YouTube is a channel that is often mentioned by our customers and can reach billions of users while driving sky-high engagement, which is why we’ve committed to expanding our presence with these unique, new series.”

1. Ask a Business Mentor

“Ask a Business Mentor” is an interview-style video series that features established home-service business owners, from a range of backgrounds, answering top questions from other home-service pros or aspiring business owners. Topics range from general advice to specific content on how to overcome specific challenges that may be faced in the HVAC, lawn care, cleaning, plumbing, and other home-service industries. Advice is easy to understand and actionable for new entrepreneurs and industry veterans alike and comes directly from experts. 

2. Shop Talk

For home-service businesses it’s important to have the right tools to get the job done the right way. These videos give a behind-the-scenes look at the tools and setups used by leaders in the industry. Experts talk about all things equipment, from their current equipment mix to tips, tricks, and recommendations for finding the right tools in various industries. 

In one of the first episodes of “Shop Talk,” the owner of Impetus Plumbing and Heating, Terence Chan, provides a guided tour of his custom plumbing van and shop. 

3. Jobber Academy Video Series

The most popular Jobber Academy articles have been converted to video format for this new series. These videos complement the original Jobber Academy written content while providing additional context, guidance, and real world learnings from home-service business owners and operators.

New episodes for “Shop Talk,” “Ask a Business Mentor,” and “Jobber Academy” video series are released on the Jobber YouTube channel on Thursday and Friday, respectively, throughout their seasons. 


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