NuCure CCUV Shines with Benefits

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NuCure CCUV Shines with Benefits

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NuCure Cold Cure UV shines with benefits for the installer. The UV lining system from NuFlow cures liners in just 10 minutes, dramatically reducing curing times, so the installer can line more pipes in less time. 

That advantage not only allows contractors to provide faster service for their customers, but it also provides a competitive edge when bidding on projects.

“We’re doing two or three jobs in the same time that it used to take us to do one job. Getting in and out faster gives us a bidding advantage. In the end, we’re capturing more revenue,” says Frank Rucco from Pipe Restoration Solutions. 

Faster cure times also affords NuFlow contractors more control over their scheduling and ease on the job site. Since UV resin is light activated, the installer does not need to race the clock to get a liner in place. NuFlow’s UV resin is shelf stable for over 12 months, so liners can be prepped in advance and recalibrated on the job site. The NuCure liners are also built with a resin protection sleeve that protects the resin from sunlight and any unwanted UV exposure. Crews are free to work without fear of premature curing and getting more pipes lined in a shorter amount of time can help avoid overtime costs.

Lindsey Rushing from Peerless Plumbing/NuDrain Phoenix adds, “We get so much more done now and we don’t have to worry about 10-hour days. We can pack up and go home without any overtime.”

The shorter lining time and reliability of the NuCure CCUV system also adds value for contractors by reducing labor costs while maximizing profits. The increased output of your lining crews not only saves you from the headaches of hiring and training more staff, but ultimately leads to more profit for the bottom line.

Aaron Simpson from I Fix Pipe says, “We were going to add another crew, but then we got NuCure CCUV. UV helped us scale with labor shortages in the area. That crew is doubling the output, so I didn’t need another lining team.”

Every factor was taken into careful consideration when designing the NuCure Cold Cure UV system, including the LED light efficiency, transparency of lining materials, and proprietary cold cure resin. Together these features provide significant advantages for the network of NuFlow Certified Contractors that have invested in the system. Plus, all NuFlow products come with comprehensive training and 24/7 technical job support for Certified Contractors.

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