A Guide to Selecting a Jetter for Your Business

This eBook from Jetters Northwest guides you through things to consider when purchasing a new jetter

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A Guide to Selecting a Jetter for Your Business

When choosing a new jetter, it’s important to think carefully about the needs of your service area and clientele.  A portable jetter might not deliver enough power, but a large trailer jetter might be too large for residential work.

This eBook from Jetters Northwest walks you through the process of selecting the best jetter for your needs. It covers answers to questions you should be asking yourself before purchasing a jetter, such as:

  • Why buy a jetter in the first place?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How much pressure and flow do I need?
  • Portable, mounted or trailer?
  • Gas, diesel, propane or electric?
  • Who will support me after the purchase?
  • What tools and accessories do I need? 

Read testimonials from jetter owners to help make your decision. 

Download the eBook here. 

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