New High-Speed Flexible Shaft Cleaner

The M224 from MyTana quickly and efficiently chews through obstructions in 2- to 4-inch lines

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New High-Speed Flexible Shaft Cleaner

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The M224 Flexible Shaft Cleaner has a robust internal motor to give you two-hand control of the flexible shaft cable — start or stop the machine as needed with the foot pedal. As you work through the line, the SmartDrive electronic controller auto-adjusts the speed and torque limit to obstructions it encounters.

The flexible shaft cable is 75 feet long and spins up to 1,580 rpm, letting attachments remove scale and pulverize blockages in residential and commercial lines. The cable is encased in a durable poly jacket that can be wiped down as it is retracted from the pipe. An enclosed cable drum minimizes debris in the work area.

The M224 shaft has a slip-joint fitting so it can accept a variety of attachments. Quickly change sizes of cutting blades or attach specialized tools like MyTana's new one-piece chain-flails.

Designed for optimal mobility, this compact cleaner has a luggage-style handle that telescopes to 43 inches. Easy tilt and wide stance wheels make transport a breeze. Anti-skid feet stabilize the unit during operation.

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