Pre- and Post-Cleaning Assessments with Quickview

Quickview airHD helps you prioritize your cleaning needs, delivering clear benefits to your workflow — and your bottom line

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Pre- and Post-Cleaning Assessments with Quickview

“We have five cleaning crews. Those trucks used to go out to a section of town and run every line, because you couldn’t tell if they were dirty or not. Now we do about a third of the cleaning — only the ones that need it.””

– Darrin Deutscher, General Supervisor II, Wichita Stormwater Utility Division

As the City of Wichita’s Stormwater Utility Division has found, rapid sewer assessment is possible with the Quickview airHD zoom camera. The Division’s crew can now better prioritize which pipes to clean and how to clean them. The camera’s motorized tilt, in-manhole centering capability and hands-free stabilization make set-up quick and simple. Plus, the system can be deployed by a single operator.

Quickview’s HD camera has 30x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom, allowing you to see up to 400 feet into pipe. The camera’s unique Haloptic lights provide powerful illumination, giving you a detailed view of pipe condition and cleaning requirements. Let Quickview airHD support your vac workflow and save you time, water and manpower by conducting pre- and post-cleaning assessments.

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