Experience the Ease of Quick-Change Wheels

Find out how quick-change wheels for ROVVER X can streamline your crawler setup

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Experience the Ease of Quick-Change Wheels

Sewers favor the well-prepared. Twelve wheel sizes and treads enable the ROVVER X sewer inspection crawler from Envirosight to confidently take on inspections in pipe 6 to 96 inches in diameter. And swapping them out is completely tool-free:

  • To remove a wheel, simply press down on the center of the locking hub.
  • To reattach, press the wheel into the hub.

Expertly crafted to pop on and off your crawler in seconds, these wheels keep maintenance time low and help you adapt to different sizes, materials and conditions of pipe. Plus, there's no chance of dropping a loose bolt on a busy road. The camera lift, auxiliary lamps and lift carriage accessories also attach easily to ROVVER X — no tools required.

Perform more inspections faster with quick-change wheels for ROVVER X. Want to see how easy it is for yourself? Request a demo with one of our experts.

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