Cold Cure UV for 2-Inch Pipes Speeds Pipe Repairs

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Cold Cure UV for 2-Inch Pipes Speeds Pipe Repairs

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NuCure 2-inch Cold Cure UV combines NuFlow’s proprietary cold cure UV resin formula, cold light LEDs, and its signature Precision Push or Pull-in-Place installation technique to create an unparalleled UV system for the smallest pipes.

Pipe Restoration Solutions, a NuFlow certified contractor, recently used the small-diameter UV system on a condominium project. “The shower drains in this building were improperly installed, so there were leaks coming through floors below each unit,” says project manager Frank Rucco. We could have used traditional pipe lining methods, but scheduling was an issue. The units were occupied, so we needed to get in and out of them as quickly as possible. We applied 2-foot spot repairs to 50 PVC shower drains. We were in and out of each unit within 20 minutes. It went as smooth as it can go.”

NuCure 2-inch CCUV consists of a lightweight control box and 4.5-foot and 20-foot light train cores. The simplicity of the product is deceiving compared to the quality and efficiency it provides the installer. NuFlow’s cold cure resin formula cures densely within 10 minutes, speeding required installation times and limiting the duration of thermal energy release. This technology helps to minimize the risk of error by activating the liners in place. The NuCure system utilizes GRP liner tubes that are engineered for performance. These seamless, ECR fiberglass tubes provide a thin wall with high strength structure to avoid any loss of flow.

To compliment the NuCure 2-inch CCUV system when applied to plastic pipes, NuFlow created a proprietary NuCure UV Adhesive to apply to the end of the liner. The adhesive helps to bond the liner to the plastic pipes. Frank Rucco of PRS says, “It was my first time using the UV adhesive and I was quite impressed. I didn’t expect it to be as effective as it was, but it made the transition between the repair sections and the host pipe very smooth.”

The NuCure 2-inch Cold Cure UV brings the speed and efficiency of UV light curing to pipes as small as 2 inches in diameter. The system is easy to use, minimizes the risk of error, and significantly reduces curing times for the installer.    

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