The Continued Importance of Pipe Lining Education

Pipe lining is a more common infrastructure remedy than it once was, but contractors still need to be ready to teach the benefits to communities’ decision-makers so that they’re not swayed by misinformation

The Continued Importance of Pipe Lining Education

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Although awareness of the benefits of pipe lining is common in the municipal and civil engineering sectors, the high liability that can often be attached to this method of rehabilitation has created a fear in some decision-makers’ minds about the benefits and use of this technology.

Add to that the numerous contractors just entering the market who may not have the proper products or training to successfully complete a project, and it’s no wonder some cities are shying away from it.

“As contractors, we have run into objections from numerous city and civil engineers who have had a bad experience with pipe lining,” says Eric Eaves, co-owner of Nu Flow Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona. “So it’s important to open dialogue and educate the engineering community about the pros and cons of trenchless technology, and more important, how to select the right vendor and materials for the project requirements as to ensure project success.”

Helping client communities help residents has also been a positive way for Nu Flow Phoenix and Tucson to expand its business and establish greater acceptance for pipe lining. For example, the City of Tempe (part of the Phoenix metro area) has developed a program where Nu Flow is a primary contractor for pipeline renewal or rehabilitation. The city offers a sewer rehab insurance program for all residents that is billed monthly covering the rehabilitation and repair of any sewer main issues near homes that are outside the city’s responsibility. The program creates the ability to perform timely repairs and make them affordable for residents.

It’s been such a great success, word has gotten around to other cities in the area and Nu Flow is now helping surrounding communities coordinate similar programs and lay the groundwork for programs to be offered throughout the Phoenix metro area. 

Read more about Nu Flow Phoenix and Tucson in the November 2021 issue of Cleaner magazine.


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