Fight I&I with Rapid Zoom Inspection

Learn about the fastest and most efficient way to visually identify lines with I&I

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Fight I&I with Rapid Zoom Inspection

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Inflow and infiltration is a slow, costly crisis for wastewater systems. In most cases, it cannot be traced to a single major source of damage or disruption; instead, systems have countless sources of I&I from main lines, laterals and manholes. And identifying and addressing sources of excess flow is essential to keeping treatment costs low.

Envirosight’s Quickview airHD zoom camera lets you look deep within pipes from an adjacent manhole, and also inspect the manhole itself. It’s the fastest and most efficient way to visually identify lines with likely sources of I&I. And because it deploys quickly, you can get a greater view of systemwide condition in less time — enabling a comprehensive response to mitigate I&I, rather than Band-Aid repairs as they occur. 

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