Company Connects to Its Community by Honoring Military Vets

Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning sponsors an annual contest that awards a free HVAC system to a local veteran

Company Connects to Its Community by Honoring Military Vets

Audrey Monell, president of Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning

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Being involved in your community is more than just good business PR. Yes, it cultivates good feeling toward a company, which can result in more business and profits down the road. But it is cynical to believe that all of that community outreach is for selfish reasons only. 

In the case of Phoenix-based Forrest Anderson Plumbing and Air Conditioning, giving back honors both community and family. The company has taken a special interest in rewarding military veterans for their service. Because Phoenix is near Luke Air Force Base, there is no shortage of vets to honor.

“They fought for our freedom, and maybe we can help them out just a little, tiny bit,” says Audrey Monell, company president. 

For four years, Monell’s company has sponsored an annual contest in which three local veterans are in the running for a free HVAC system. The winner is determined by a popular vote, with each runner-up getting a free air conditioning system tuneup.

The most-recent winner was announced last fall: Dan Dennison. He served in the Air Force for 27 years as an F-16 crew chief, stationed at Luke Air Force Base and abroad. Dennison and his wife also have a son-in-law who is stationed abroad as a military helicopter pilot. 

When Monell announced the winner, describing him as a “local military hero,” she alluded to the company’s namesake, her grandfather Forrest Anderson. 

“As the granddaughter of a World War II veteran who started this company, I believe it’s important for us to express our gratitude for their service in the military and in our community,” Monell says.

It's easy to see why such acts of gratitude build the relationship between a business and the community it serves.

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