Sewer Equipment – An Innovation Leader in Equipment Manufacturing

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Sewer Equipment – An Innovation Leader in Equipment Manufacturing

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Since 1941, Sewer Equipment has established a presence in industrial, plumbing, government, and international sectors through superior design and manufacturing of innovative sewer cleaning and vacuum excavation equipment. With almost an 80-year history, Sewer Equipment has focused on simplicity and innovative solutions over complex bells and whistles. Sewer Equipment operates using outside-the-box thinking to solve complex problems and has been doing so for quite some time.

“Sewer Equipment has the broadest product range in our industry,” says national sales manager Dave Madole. “This vast product range allows us to ask smart questions and, more important, listen to the challenges faced by each customer’s application. With the array of products that we manufacture, we can provide the correct equipment solution.”

This statement isn’t made without assurance; with over 20 different models of trucks, trailers and van packs that cover sewer line jetting to hydroexcavation to combination sewer cleaning, Sewer Equipment strives to create products that fit customer’s needs, and each unit can be customized further to enhance the range of applications the machine can perform or increase effectiveness in specific applications.

John Wichmann, president of Sewer Equipment, says “It starts by developing products that improve a customer’s experience, rather than focusing on something a competitor cannot do. This focus is in our company’s DNA.”

All brands by manufactured under the Sewer Equipment umbrella offers the same quality and simplicity: Sewer Equipment Co. of America, Mongoose Jetters, RAMVAC and Cappellotto by Sewer Equipment.

Sewer Equipment has a long history of innovation. From the construction of the first drain snake by company founder H.T. O’Brien to the current development of Sewer Equipment’s patented Hydro-Drive powertrain system in 2016, Sewer Equipment continues to revolutionize the marketplace with simple solutions to customer problems. The Hydro-Drive system found in the Model 900 ECO combo truck allows the truck to operate in neutral. The Hydro-Drive system emphasizes Sewer Equipment’s extensive history of creating simple and efficient machines.

Sewer Equipment’s Model 900 ECO is just one of many exceptional machines produced by the company; the RAMVAC lineup of vacuum excavators, including hydro and air excavators, industrial vac trucks and catch basin cleaners. The Tempest is the newest addition to their repertoire; an industrial air vacuum machine which offers operators flexibility and ease of maintenance unprecedented in the market with its automatic filter system and exclusive articulating knuckleboom.

The release of the Model 800 Series IV, an update to the previous Model 800, introduces a new dual-reel configuration, closing rear door when the hose reel is completely extended and centralized water controls. Impressive still is the 800 Series IVs capability to recirculate water at highway speeds for cold-weather application.

Sewer Equipment plans to continue “maintaining our tradition of commitment to innovation through common-sense solutions in the interest of growth, success and the continued satisfaction of customers,” Madole says.

The philosophy at Sewer Equipment is and always has been to keep it simple. Its focus is simple machines that do a simple task — get the job done. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain, and is reliable, making the company a trusted equipment partner.

Sewer Equipment is always modernizing and increasing both its product selection and its outreach to address the needs of the market better. From its humble beginnings as a one-man operation in a small garage in Park Ridge, Illinois, the company has grown to its current operations with headquarters in Dixon, Illinois, and satellite locations in Clinton, Iowa; Island Lake, Illinois; and Rockaway, New Jersey. Additionally, Rock Equipment Sales & Rentals, a Sewer Equipment company, offers pre-owned equipment sales, rentals, rent-to-own agreements and other financing options to supply quality equipment at affordable prices.

As president, Wichmann hopes to achieve “the continued development of innovative products, as well as the expansion of our business into related industries which will be achieved by maintaining the customer-first focus the company has always had. After all, why fix something that’s not broken?”

Sewer Equipment continues to be an industry leader with a broad variety of high-performance machines paired with its quality after-the-sale service. This can only be topped by its never-ending efforts to improve. Madole notes that the key to this will be “maintaining our tradition of commitment to innovation through common sense solutions in the interest of growth, success, and the continued satisfaction of our customers. At Sewer Equipment, we are keenly aware of who we are, what we stand for and how we arrived here. As an organization, we will continue to evolve and grow while holding fast to our foundation: Best products, best local support.”

For more information on Sewer Equipment products, please visit or call 800-323-1604. You can also view learn more by viewing its “Who We Are” video.


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