Modular Crawler System Delivers Fast Intuitive Inspection

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Modular Crawler System Delivers Fast Intuitive Inspection

The Pearpoint Flexitrax P550c is designed around simplicity of operation. Ready to use in 30 seconds from powering on, it requires minimal training to operate, letting you concentrate on pipe inspection.

A large 12.1-inch HD, daylight visible screen combined with full-size keyboard and dedicated function keys guide you through the survey process, making the system faster and easier to use.

Built in is a high capacity internal lithium-ion battery, providing power for up to a full day’s typical usage, and 128 GB of solid state memory, sufficient for over 90 hours of video recording.

Tailored solutions
This portable and modular crawler system enables operators to customize the Flexitrax P550c solution for the inspection of a vast range of pipes, in all locations. The Flexitrax P550c can be readily transported and easily wheeled onto site through our rugged, ergonomic design, allowing you to reach access points beyond the range of your vehicle.

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