Product News: March 2019

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Product News: March 2019

The Brawny option from COXREELS adds strength to the drum, minimizing potential damage under increased or pulsing pressure usage.

Brawny option for COXREELS’ 100 Series reels
The Brawny option from COXREELS is available for most 100 Series hose reels. The Brawny feature adds strength to the drum, minimizing potential damage under increased or pulsing pressure usage. The option is available for the 8-, 12.5- and 18-inch drum widths. The 100 Series reel can be mounted to a floor, wall, ceiling, bench or truck and is made of steel for strength and durability. It has a U-shaped frame for two-point axle support to provide stability during operation, and has a brake assembly for braking or for locking the drum to a desired length of hose. 800-269-7335;

HammerHead Trenchless QuickLok inversion drums
HammerHead Trenchless’ QuickLok inversion drums are available in two drum sizes capable of holding up to 125 feet and 225 feet of 4-inch liner respectively, and have a single-lever lockdown that gives a positive seal and secure latch. Other features include extra viewing ports and a detachable spindle wheel that makes it easier to navigate tight areas. Once in place, the wheel may be reattached to either side of the drum, accommodating workspace limitations or the preference of the operator. 800-331-6653;

Aries Industries Wolverine 2.0 cutting system
The Wolverine 2.0 cutting system from Aries Industries is able to operate in pipes from 6 to 18 inches. The self-propelled, electric system features advanced ergonomic fingertip control and the ability to cut through materials with maximum speed and precision. Its linearly adjustable speed and axis movement offer maneuverability, coupled with a compact profile and all-wheel drive to navigate tough terrain. The 500-foot cable reduces truck setup time, and the electric two-speed milling motor is field repairable and rebuildable. The system has multiple wheel configurations to adapt to pipe conditions. 800-234-7205; 

Link 20K self-steer suspensions
Link’s 20K self-steer suspension incorporates technological and component upgrades already available in the company’s lighter-capacity suspensions. The suspensions feature Swift Mount technology, allowing installation to be completed in as little as two hours. The Swift Mount interchangeable ride height brackets incorporate improvements in the way the frame brackets attach to the suspension hanger. The brackets can be used to mount any Link suspension. Rear air spring brackets are compatible with wide flange frame rails by having the air fittings oriented to the outside. The air fittings can also be repositioned to the inside if desired. 800-248-3057;

Aquam Investigator Mini detection system
The Investigator Mini pressurized pipe inspection and leak detection system from Aquam is designed for 2- to 6-inch-diameter pipework. The system is mounted onto pipework through a selection of fittings and/or hot tappings. Real-time data monitoring is captured by the HD camera and hydrophone sensor head to understand internal pipework conditions and identify leaks. A 100-foot cable is supplied with the system which can offer a maximum inspection distance of 200 feet upstream and downstream off the insertion point. The software displays video in a resizable window and also acoustic data in order of amplitude and frequency. 858-242-1640;

Jetstream of Houston Jetstream TwinForce dual pump system
Jetstream of Houston’s Jetstream TwinForce dual pump 650 hp waterblast system features a John Deere Tier 4 engine and is designed for high-flow applications including industrial cleaning, surface preparation and hydro-demolition. It functions as a large-capacity 650 hp unit or as two 325 hp independently run units. The TwinForce unit is built around the UNx fluid end waterblast system so operating pressures from 8,000 to 40,000 psi can be changed in minutes. 800-231-8192;


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