Product News: September 2018

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Product News: September 2018

Vac-Tron Equipment’s new six-way hydraulic boom design maximizes job performance by supporting the weight of the vacuum hose.

Vac-Tron Equipment six-way hydraulic boom
Vac-Tron Equipment’s new six-way hydraulic boom design for its trailer vacuum excavation equipment and industrial vacuum equipment maximizes job performance by supporting the weight of the vacuum hose. The design features increased boom length, full six-way hydraulic function, 5-inch hose, curved end with oversized rollers, wireless remote control, vacuum valve function operated from remote, wired harness, remote storage location, forward stored boom in front of the engine compartment, 330-degree swing, quick-connect 4-inch tooling, easily connected additional section hose, water jet clean-out in boom, and easily accessible clean-out port. 352-728-2222; 

InfoSense Sewer Line Data OrGanizer iOS and Android app
InfoSense’s SL-DOG iOS and Android app helps field operators manage acoustic inspection data collected by the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool. The SL-DOG app allows field operators to add asset IDs and field notes in real time, while conducting acoustic inspections, then automatically syncs with the SL-DOG cloud-based portal to ensure easy integration with back-office data management. 877-747-3245;

GSSI drill hole feature for StructureScan Mini XT 
Geophysical Survey Systems Inc. (GSSI) added a new drill hole feature to the StructureScan Mini XT — the all-in-one concrete inspection ground-penetrating radar system. The drill hole feature is a 3D data processing detection algorithm. The algorithm evaluates a user-chosen cylindrical area that represents a potential or planned coring location. It scans and looks for targets that may interfere with a proposed coring location. The drill hole indicator is designed for concrete coring applications, and in slab situations, the drill hole feature can help determine the safest location for coring concrete. 800-524-3011; 

Ranger Design steel shelving for vans
The durable, rattle-free steel shelves from Ranger Design feature aluminum extrusions to increase a vehicle’s payload. The shelf trays are built from marine-grade plywood with a dynamic load capacity of over 200 pounds. Every pre-designed package can be upgraded with accessories to ensure the best fit for the trade. 800-565-5321;

Ditch Witch HT275 heavy-duty trencher
The HT275 heavy-duty trencher from Ditch Witch has a Cummins 275 hp T4 engine and a hydrostatic trencher-chain drive with a variable displacement motor, allowing operators to match chain speeds to soil conditions. The trencher can do installations up to 10 feet deep and 26 inches wide, and it has four hydraulic quick-disconnect blocks that reduce the time it takes to change attachments. The suspension mounts to the center of each track frame, providing the ability to float each track independently, taking stress off the main frame. 800-654-6481;


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