3 Key Traits of a Good Pipe Lining Technician

Even if a candidate doesn’t have any prior lining experience, possessing these characteristics can tell you that they’re fit for the job

3 Key Traits of a Good Pipe Lining Technician

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Lining pipe properly is not an easy job and a great lining technician could be considered more of an artist than a technician.

Unfortunately, pipe lining is not yet taught at any school, so finding a person who’s knowledgeable about it is difficult unless they have already had industry experience. However, many of the most proficient pipe lining technicians have a few fundamental characteristics in common, and these are the traits you can look for when considering candidates — even if they don’t officially have any pipe lining experience. Before you hire another lining technician make sure they possess these three key traits:

A Quick Study

Technicians who typically excel in pipe lining are like sponges and they soak up everything on the job. Their ability to learn from hands-on experience and adapt to changing situations is something that sets them apart. Look for a technician who is willing to learn and continue to learn. Every building’s plumbing system is different and can sometimes vary from the building’s blueprints. Just like a building’s plumbing system, no two pipe lining jobs are the same. The process may be similar, but certain factors such as the weather or the pipe conditions may change the way the job is completed. Finding a pipe lining technician who can learn on the go and fast will be instrumental in the success of the pipe lining job.

Problem Solver

Since every pipe lining job is different, the ability to problem-solve is a key characteristic that a successful pipe lining technician must possess. Whether it is a liner that is hard to pull or water infiltration, there are bound to be more than a few obstacles to problem-solve on the fly. In addition, working with epoxy liners means time restraints and a master pipe lining technician is able to quickly solve a problem that can keep the job on schedule. The ability to complete the job successfully under pressure is a valuable trait in a lining technician.

Communication Skills

Your technicians are the face of your company — they are the boots on the ground. A client’s perception of your business is often determined by the way in which your technicians communicate both verbally and non-verbally. When working in someone’s home or property, chances are the client will want to know what the procedure is and how it will affect their daily life. Make sure to find a technician who can comfortably and effectively communicate with clients about the pipe lining process, what to expect, and how it will change their living arrangements.

Communication is not just verbal. Clients are likely to judge technicians based on appearance. Wearing clean uniforms and presenting themselves in a professional and pleasant manner are ways that technicians can build value and trust for your business.   

Finding and training a proficient pipe lining technician does take time, however, a person who can learn, problem-solve, and communicate is well on the way to becoming a great pipe lining technician. Beyond these key characteristics, keep in mind that basic knowledge, understanding of the product and experience are all factors that can determine the success of your lining technician and the overall success of your pipe lining services.

About the Author

Holly Neuhaus is a marketing coordinator for Nu Flow Technologies.


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