Contractor Demos Newest Epoxy Lining Technology

Injection casting opens a new market for Bill Howe Plumbing’s epoxy lining division.
Contractor Demos Newest Epoxy Lining Technology

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Bill Howe opened AM/PM Sewer and Drains in 1979 and focused heavily on affordable drain cleaning and minor plumbing in San Diego, California. The following year, the name was changed to Bill Howe Plumbing and the company has continued to grow into one of the largest family-owned and -operated service and repair companies in the community. They have also had success in adding multiple divisions including restoration and flood remediation, heating and air conditioning, and epoxy relining solutions.

Howe has been providing epoxy relining solutions for San Diego customers for over a decade. “We understand that the conditions of drainlines in the community vary,” says Howe. “But, one thing is certain, invasive roots and corrosion of older pipes will affect many homeowners and commercial properties, adding on costly repairs. Traditional methods have always required digging and interruption of services. Our epoxy relining has been saving customers downtime, money and increasing the life span of their sewer and drain systems.”

In June, Bill Howe finalized a partnership with I.S.T. Services to purchase and use a new spray and brush lining technology (injection cast lining), widely used in Europe and some other areas across the country. The spray lining technology complements the structural method currently in practice. The epoxy relining crews spent several months training on site with I.S.T. with the new technology to begin implementing its use alongside the structural applications.

“We are excited to introduce this technology to our customers,” says Eric Schaldach, epoxy relining solution’s manager for Bill Howe Plumbing. “With the new injection cast lining, we can eliminate even more downtime and cost to our customers. It is also beneficial in high-rise applications or buildings that we cannot cut into walls to reinstate tie-ins.”

On July 27, Bill Howe Plumbing hosted a live demonstration and presentation introducing the new injection cast lining to building engineers, managers and owners in San Diego. The entire epoxy relining team was present, as well as the San Diego representatives for the technology manufacturers, I.S.T. Included in the presentation was the epoxy relining infomercial created to share with commercial customers.

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