Calling All Basement Brewers, Garage Bottlers and Beer Aficionados!

That's right. We want you, homebrewers. See what we've got up our sleeve for this year's WWETT Show.
Calling All Basement Brewers, Garage Bottlers and Beer Aficionados!

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Beer. It’s what you settle down with after a hard day of work. It’s how you celebrate the weekend. It’s that hoppy, all-American, workingman’s beverage that slides down oh-so-smoothly after a dirty day on the job.

This year, we’re doing something new at the WWETT Show, and it has everything to do with those golden ales, lagers and pilsners.

In honor of our hardworking wastewater industry, we want to see, taste — and judge — your best homebrewed concoctions. Basement brewers, we mean you. Garage bottlers, you’re in as well. If you’re a member of the wastewater industry and you love you some beer, this competition is where you want to be.

For the 1st Annual Wastewater Brewing Competition, we’re gathering a panel of prestigious judges who will award the coveted Golden Growler trophy to the winning homebrewed beer. To participate, simply fill out the “Intent to Brew” form and then start brewing. Oh yeah, and you might want to register for the WWETT Show while you’re at it.

The competition will take place at the WWETT Show Kickoff Party at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Thursday, Feb. 18. Just bring a 12-ounce sample of your homebrew to the party, enjoy a couple of beers from our COLE Pub truck, and network with our sponsors and others from the industry. It’s going to be an epic night.

Simply fill in the form, and get brewing!

The Nitty-Gritty, Beer-Brewing Details

  • Who: Open to all homebrewers. It’s an industrywide, fun competition.
  • What: 1st Annual Wastewater Brewing Competition.
  • When: Feb. 18 during the WWETT Show Kickoff Party.
  • Where: Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis.
  • Why: Because beer is awesome. Need we say more. 


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