When Turkey Spells Trouble

Don’t let grease clogs from holiday cooking get you down. These products can help!
When Turkey Spells Trouble
The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is

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It’s that time of year again. Friends and family are gathering together, watching football, catching up on each other’s lives and cooking huge amounts of food.

Often that food produces grease. Plumbers and drain cleaners nationwide are probably hoping the deep-frying trend goes away, especially since Butterball’s How-To on its website ends at removing the turkey from the fryer. Most people have no idea what to do with their gallons of grease and assume that pouring it down the drain into their septic system or into the sewer system must be OK. Wrong!

Every holiday season, the calls start flooding in with plumbing issues. Guests flush things they shouldn’t, grease and fat goes down the sink … and it becomes your problem to fix.

Make sure you’re ready with the best drain cleaning equipment so you can get through the holiday season with your sanity intact and have some time to spend with your own family. Here’s a list of some equipment you might need to stock up on.

  • The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is designed to clean 3-inch to 8-inch pipes and can reach most blockages with a single reel.
  • The Maxi Miller lateral cutter and two-step drain cleaning system from Picote Solutions has a range of 100 feet, provides efficient removal of hard materials from 3- to 10-inch drains and sewers, and features a push/pull system and glides for maneuvering stairs.
  • The Jet Cam camera system from US Jetting transmits jetting images down the high-pressure hose to a screen mounted on the cart, eliminating external cables or pushrods.
  • The MPlus+ lateral and mini-mainline push system with stainless steel frame from CUES enables easy operation with its All-In-One setup, and facilitates quick removal of the control unit to be used separately for off-road or remote job sites or to accommodate compact storage. 
  • The VeriSight Pro push camera from Envirosight has a stainless self-leveling camera with shadowless, variable LED illumination to capture crisp video footage, regardless of pipe material.
  • The Gen-Eye SD video pipe inspection and location system from General Pipe Cleaners includes a 10.4-inch LCD screen, built-in waterproof keyboard, integral SD recorder and a heavy-duty Pelican case. 
  • The Crap Shooter suitcase sewer jetter from BullFrog Industries weighs less than 25 pounds and offers 1,500 psi running off a 15-amp circuit without losing any water pressure.
  • The Lateral Cart from NozzTeq extends the reach of jetter trucks and nozzles into small areas like laterals. 
  • Locking-collar quick-connect sockets from Water Cannon are precision machined and provide smooth action and reliable service. 
  • Environmentally safe Frogflow drainage system cleaner from BlueFrog Plumbing + Drain eliminates accumulations such as grease, soaps, sugars, starches and other organic buildup in the drainage system while reducing odors and preventing backups.

For more product listings and manufacturer contact information, visit http://www.cleaner.com/product-focus/2014/12/december_2014.


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