Can Mobile Storage Solutions Boost Your Bottom Line?

Want to improve job-site efficiency? Take a look at how a mobile storage unit can solve organizational issues.
Can Mobile Storage Solutions Boost Your Bottom Line?
Basic mobile storage includes strong and long-lasting shelving, which ensures that tools and parts don’t take an unnecessary tumble as the result of poor storage.

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In the world of industrial operations and drain cleaning everyone wants one thing: A way to boost efficiency and output that results in an increased bottom line. To create quality products and a happy customer base, contractors need the utmost efficacy. However, when there are no structures in place to ease these operations, critical parts and equipment can get lost in the shuffle. 

Fortunately, there is an answer: Mobile storage solutions stop inventory from slipping through the cracks. From durable construction to tactical accessories, mobile storage solutions provide a base for optimal performance. 

After adding mobile storage solutions, you’ll find an overall increase in the efficiency of your operations. With the increased flexibility of mobile storage, repair and maintenance jobs are expedited, inventory becomes more controlled and organized, and pick times fall dramatically. All of these factors contribute to more streamlined and efficient operations. 

Wear and tear

In heavy-duty industries, tough and durable storage solutions are critical. Investing in storage will ensure the safety and protection of valuable tools, parts, and other support equipment. Static workstations can’t be towed along in a time crunch. Mobile storage solutions optimize space in backup warehouses and tool rooms. 

Basic mobile storage includes strong and long-lasting shelving, which ensures that tools and parts don’t take an unnecessary tumble as the result of poor storage. Similarly, lock-in or lockout latches let technicians fully extend drawers and easily see the drawer contents without compromising security. 

Individual drawer latches help keep cabinets and contents safe from harm when techcnians drive on rough roads that can cause truck contents to become loose. Items stored in these drawers are also protected from the wear-and-tear of dust and damage that occurs over time in other forms of shelving.

Also, mobile workstations make potential evacuation during storms in low-lying areas quicker with pallet jackability and the ability to move fully loaded units.

Superior storage capacity keeps more tools and parts stored securely, which will help them last longer, saving you money in the long run.

Maximum organization

Precise organization and ease of use are two other benefits of mobile storage solutions. When technicians are out on a job, they shouldn't be wasting time searching for parts and tools stored haphazardly. Shelves that open at eye level and contain organizational accessories — such as foam inserts, plastic dividers and partitions — make finding necessary tools quick and easy. 

Interchangeable accessories and options on mobile storage solutions can be fabricated at a job site. For instance, cabinet-top trays keep small or rolling parts securely in place and conveniently at-hand. Without these trays, parts could be easily lost or damaged, ultimately slowing down repair and maintenance, and cutting into the bottom line. 

Likewise, battens position items safely on shelves for transport or storage, reducing the risk of damage during job-to-job travel. Heavy-duty casters come in a variety of sizes to hold the weight of cabinets and assist in rolling them along. 

Keeping tools, parts and other equipment stored in an organized, efficient and safe manner ensures your technicians can find tools to complete jobs quickly. Mobile storage solutions streamline this process, which increases operational efficiency and, ultimately, the bottom line. 

About the Author
Jeff Harris is a 25-year veteran of Stanley Black & Decker SWS as sales engineer and Gulf Coast territory sales manager, who for years has been advising Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, DOD, and many other Federal Agencies in time and space management to help promote their ROIs. His expertise is maximizing efficiencies for in-process production and maintenance, storage of products and equipment, and the most effective transport of material within a local facility or internationally. For more information, visit


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