Top 10 Most Popular Articles of 2013

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In the past year, we’ve posted hundreds of stories to They include everything we know you love — company profiles, blogs, online exclusives and industry updates. 

Here, we highlight the top 10 most popular stories. If you missed any of these, now is your chance to catch up. And if you’ve already read them, well, just remember that many things are better the second time around. Enjoy this look back at 2013. 

10. Choosing the Best Pipe Lining Systems 

In the No. 10 position is this guide to selecting the best pipe lining systems our industry has to offer. A trenchless technologies contractor with headquarters in Michigan and Florida offers some top-notch tips if you’re in the market for anything from the next “green” lining technology to a steam cure system. 

9. Positioned for the Future 

Joe Kandefer’s Kandey Co. Inc. takes the No. 9 spot with this heartfelt story about risk-taking and investments.

When opportunity knocked, Joe answered by establishing a maintenance services division as a regional player in hydroexcavating, pipeline inspections and municipal sewer cleaning. 

8. Immediate Success

Cleaner readers loved this contractor profile about two brothers who inadvertently landed in the pipeline inspection industry after being downsized from a construction company. See why Jake and Josh Kenyon’s journey to build Kenyon Pipeline Inspection into a thriving sewer cleaning and pipeline inspection business made this the No. 8 most popular article. 

7. 3 CIPP Products Every Pipe Rehabilitation Contractor Needs 

With ever-changing technology in today’s industry, this collection of pipe rehabilitation products promises to keep your drain cleaning and sewer maintenance business competitive. This guide to three essential CIPP products put this in the No. 7 position. 

6. In Her Father’s Footsteps

This June Cleaner contractor profile hit the spot for readers seeking a story about a woman carrying on a family tradition to continue her father’s Roto-Rooter franchise.

Owner Kim Miller’s confidence in her team and dedication to her company’s success bumps this story up to No. 6. 

5. Doing the Job Right

“My strength was not in management, but in serving and interacting with my customers,” says David Baker, master plumber and owner of Tight Seal Plumbing. No doubt Baker’s story of perseverance and commitment to the industry struck a chord with the Cleaner readership, making this the No. 5 most popular article of 2013. 

4. Death Sends a Message: Don’t Take Chances With Hydrogen Sulfide 

Confined-space safety and hydrogen sulfide hazards put this blog in the No. 4 position. The dangers you face every day are not always obvious, so Editor Luke Laggis told the story of a young worker who died when he was overcome by fumes in a large pipe. Laggis then outlined tips to safeguard crews when working with the toxic gas. 

3. Marketing Magnate 

Nick Santoni’s Dynamic Drain Technologies company takes the No. 3 spot in a story that highlighted the importance of market research on the feasibility of opening a new business in 2008, just as the economy softened.

Santoni’s guerilla marketing campaign is a must-read for some handy advice on building a successful drain cleaning business. 

2. 3 Tools Every Service Van Needs 

Cleaner readers recognized the benefits of a properly stocked service van, making this the second most popular article. You wanted to know what three essential tools were needed to increase productivity, so we responded with this easy-to-follow guide and product recommendations. 

1. 7 Startup Tips for Drain Cleaning Businesses 

Starting a new business is no joke. That’s why this helpful startup guide is the No. 1 most popular article of 2013. Kim K. Lewis, owner of a 25-year-old sewer rehabilitation and drain cleaning business, reminded you to keep these seven concepts in mind if you’re ready to take the leap into business ownership. 


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