Inside the July 2011 Issue of Cleaner

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Hip to High-Tech Hip to High-Tech
An Illinois contractor embraces new tools and technologies to boost productivity and jumps into social networking to communicate better with customers
Not Personal – Just Business
Attention to several basic issues can help you enjoy the benefits of a family business without the potential destructive conflicts
Business Explosion Business Explosion
Big-time opportunity knocked, and a Minnesota company answered with a major investment in new equipment and technicians
How Fast to Grow?
Once in a while, a company faces the challenge of having to expand exponentially. Is that a nice problem to have? Or is it just a problem?
July Industry News
WJTA-IMCA Conference and Expo Sept. 19-21; KROHNE Posts Leak Detection Vodcast; McElroy Adds International Distributors; RIDGID Promotion Raises $8,000 for PHCC
All About the Customers All About the Customers
A truck-mounted waterjet unit helps A-1 Sewer and Drain deliver exemplary work – and attract business with sharp graphics
An Alternative to Court
Arbitration can often help businesses settle disagreements faster and with less expense than for filing a lawsuit
Featured New Products
Electric Eel Units Offer  Flexible Inspection Options Electric Eel Units Offer Flexible Inspection Options Saving Sight
Eye protection takes so little effort – yet it prevents disastrous outcomes
Heart Care for CCTV Heart Care for CCTV
As marvelous as pipe inspection equipment can be, it won’t perform to its full potential without well-maintained computing power behind it
Third Time's the Charm Third Time's the Charm
A contractor completes a difficult directional bore for a new sewer line through challenging Georgia rock using a laser-guided boring system