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Mud is Money Mud is Money

Hydro Spy partners put their faith in the emerging technology of hydroexcavation and quickly built a business with a multistate clientele

Industry News - June 2011 Bought Right Bought Right
Harmon Plumbing got a bargain on two used step vans, which carry a large inventory and greatly reduce trips to the supply house
A Solids Success A Solids Success
A talent for technical innovation and a knack for building personal relationships propelled a one-truck vacuum outfit into a thriving biosolids management business
Tough Conversations
Here are four techniques to help you say what needs to be said, with integrity, when it’s hard for you to say it and the other person doesn’t want to hear it
‘You Get What You Pay For’
To the surprise of some, this adage applies to the people who work for you, just as much as it does to the equipment and supplies you buy
Keeping a Rein on Legal Costs
Work with your attorney on ways to streamline legal work and tailor billing practices. And above all, stay out of court if possible.
Municipal/Industrial Maintenance Municipal/Industrial Maintenance June Product News June Product News
Featured New Products
Spherical Cutting Tool  Negotiates Tight Turns Spherical Cutting Tool Negotiates Tight Turns No Fun At All
This trip down a water slide could have cost a sewer contractor employee his life. The safety lesson is clear: Follow procedures and never take shortcuts.
The Business End The Business End
The performance of a $300,000 combination truck actually depends on the choice of the much less expensive piece of metal at the end of the hose
Fruit of the Vine Fruit of the Vine
Old-school methods and pipe bursting help a contractor replace collapsed drain lines without interrupting wine production