Inside the January 2011 Issue of Cleaner

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Looking to the Net Looking to the Net
TopGun Plumbing uses innovative online marketing methods to promote its pipe bursting, leak detection, and locating services
A Lot to Learn A Lot to Learn
The 31st Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo International offers 84 seminars with advice on improving business practices and in-the-field performance
Product News - January 2011 Product News - January 2011
Featured products of January
Bursting Through the Clutter Bursting Through the Clutter
Pipe bursting gives an Illinois company a brand-new identity and a unique competitive position in a crowded market
Industry News - January 2011
FS Solutions Names Regional Sales Representatives; Super Products Releases Product Brochures; Water Cannon Launches Online Store; Vermeer Realigns Senior Staff; Duracable Launches Online Store; StoneAge Named Top Colorado Company; NozzTeq Launches Online Store; APS Names Matsoukas Manager, Opens Branch Office; Triple R Specialty Launches Online Store; Gradall Names Petrole Vice President of Vacall; Northeast Trenchless to Host Annual Seminar; PipeLogix Renames Flagship Software; Webinar highlights jetter selection
Tight Spots, Tough Duty Tight Spots, Tough Duty
A custom-built waterjetter truck helps Floodwatch LLC work in crowded areas in and around Paramus, N.J.
Wave of the Future?
Stable fuel costs and higher sticker prices have slowed demand for hybrid service trucks, but these green vehicles may gain popularity as economic conditions change.
That Accident Cost HOW much?
Besides being a human tragedy, a workplace injury can have a big impact on a company’s bottom line
Hitting the Lowball Out of the Park
Contractors have a variety of effective ways to win customers in spite of competitors who cut their prices to the absolute floor
Mud Dog 650 Hydroexcavator Made for Confined Settings Mud Dog 650 Hydroexcavator Made for Confined Settings Why Won’t My Banker Help Me?
As you seek financing for a business expansion, it helps to understand how bankers work and how they evaluate loan proposals
The First One They Call
By becoming a trusted source of information for your local news media, you can raise your company’s profile in your market area
Violence: The Warning Signs
Everyone in your business should help watch for changes in employee behavior that could signal a simmering threat of workplace violence
Team Effort Team Effort
Multiple contractors rallied around a pipe bursting project that restored water to a southern California hotel without harming a historic fig tree