Inside the May 2008 Issue of Cleaner

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Dream Makers
A team of twenty-somethings breathes new life into Red Lilly Plumbing and Heating, serving customers in the Hollywood hills.
Bulletin Board Material
Good quotations from famous and successful people can remind us how important it is to get up every day and do the best we can.
Vacuum with Care
WJTA offers a hands-on course on working safely with industrial vacuum equipment.
Do Good, Do Well
Pro-bono and charity work can help your business give back to your community — and can bring tangible benefits back to your business.
Ask for the Ice Cream
It’s not enough to ask for the order. If you want to succeed in sales, you need to be sure you’re asking the person with the power to say, “yes.”
The Latest from the Expo
A record number of exhibits includes a variety of new technologies to enhance efficiency and quality in pipe cleaning, inspection and rehabilitation.
Perspectives on Cleaning
Contracting professionals discuss varied uses for cable and waterjet machines as tools for business expansion.
Muscle Down the Line
Innovation continues in drum and sectional cable machines for drain cleaning professionals serving residential customers.
Empire Builder
A New York contractor achieves his business growth goals by thinking beyond conventional wisdom and embracing management software.
A Matter of Preference
Some contractors like sectional cable machines. Others prefer drums. What matters most is to understand them — and to use them safely.
When Failure is Not an Option
Three drain cleaning professionals look back upon the most challenging jobs their careers have brought them.
Flying High
A Florida contractor uses a thermoforming PVC alloy pipe to reline culverts without disrupting heavy traffic on a naval air base.
News From Around the Industry
Perma-Liner Becomes Insituform Distributor; Applied Felts Updates Web Site, Brand; and Vision Technology Selects Giveaway Winners.