Push TV Camera Systems - Pipeline Renewal Technologies Cleansteer 40

The Cleansteer 40 from Pipeline Renewal Technologies uses high-pressure water for propulsion, steering and cleaning as it captures live inspection video from inside lateral lines. It can traverse multiple bends in pipe, steer through branches, and levitate above debris, helping municipal contractors and commercial plumbers locate failed pipes, cross bores and blockages, as well as perform cleaning. Six propulsion nozzles generate the power needed to pull its own flexible hose through multiple bends, and a side nozzle on the camera can be aimed to steer through diverging pipes and hover past obstacles. An optional forward-facing nozzle can be pulsed to clear debris and other obstructions. The system works with any high-pressure water source, including pressure washers and combination trucks. Its 1/2-inch hose comes in lengths from 115 to 190 feet. 866-936-8476; www.envirosight.com.


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