Inspection Cameras/Components - Pearpoint P340 flexiprobe

The P340 flexiprobe pushrod system from Pearpoint can be used to visually inspect mainline sewer runs and industrial pipework. The P343 Reel provides high-quality video cameras mounted on a semi-rigid 500-foot rod designed to push over long distances. A range of skids is available to center the cameras in pipes up to 12 inches in diameter, ensuring clear imaging of pipeline joints and defects. The system delivers high-quality pipeline video inspection in a rugged, weatherproof package designed for use on site. Video and images are displayed in digital quality on a bright 8-inch TFT screen, with a full-sized keyboard and reporting system built in, so operators can produce detailed, coded reports without returning to the office. The P340+ controller has an internal lithium-ion battery, providing convenient power for up to a full day’s typical usage, removing the inconvenience and setup time of an external power lead. 800/688-8094;


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