Nozzles - Versatile Sewer Nozzle

Waterblasters and portable jetting systems enable professional drain and pipe cleaners to maneuver into tight spaces to complete their work. The waterblasters, jetters, hoses, cleaning nozzles, pumps, reels, safety equipment and vacuum trucks highlighted below will help you efficiently and effectively complete the job.

Multi-Global series sewer nozzles from NozzTeq have replaceable orifices similar to the company’s Ice Bear design. They have a crisscrossing front jet pattern for clearing grease, debris and ice blockages. They can be configured with up to four different front jets (or no front jets) for general sewer cleaning or specific types of sewer obstructions. They also have been used for hydroexcavation with the rear orifices blocked and only penetrating orifices in the front. By replacing orifices as needed, overall nozzle life can be extended. Laminar flow is preserved from truck to nozzle end, producing more powerful jet streams at lower pressure to extend the life of jetting equipment. 866/620-5915;


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