Product Spotlight: Steerable camera nozzle enables cleaning and inspection in one run

Product Spotlight: Steerable camera nozzle enables cleaning and inspection in one run

Inspection and cleaning of a drain system typically requires multiple tools — namely the high-pressure drain cleaner first, followed by the camera inspection.

The VIPER is a pipe and sewer cleaning system that saves time, money and resources by combining the two needs into one unit. NuFlow Technologies is now distributing the German-manufactured units from Envirobot in North America.

Thanks to the full HD live image, the innovative system enables improved knowledge of the cleaning process, thus saving water, fuel and time. Exploring branched pipe systems — such as laterals — is made possible by the steerability of the system. Due to the high tensile force, vertical stacks can also be cleaned and inspected against the flow direction. The entire process, including jetting pressure, inclination, distance counter and more, is continuously documented on a USB thumb drive.

With the switchable forward jetting nozzle, blockages can be cleared quickly. Thanks to the modular design, nozzles can be easily upgraded from the standard cleaning nozzle. In addition, the jetting pressure can be adjusted to suit pipe conditions, so damage such as rinsing out the pipe bed, loosening of liner ends or short liners is effectively avoided.

“We often spent more time on practical tests than in the office, and that’s exactly how it has to be,” says Frank Matt, Envirobot owner. “If a product is as excellent as it can be, economic success is inevitable.”

The VIPER series ranges from the portable VIPER light with a working length of 100 feet up to the VIPER long range that stretches cleaning and inspection up to 250 feet. The camera/nozzle combo fits in pipe as small as 3 inches and can be used in lateral launch operations starting from mainlines as large as 25 inches. Due to the wide range of accessories, the user-friendly systems can be adapted to the most diverse requirements.

The waterproof control panel is milled from an aluminum block and is suitable for use in any weather. It has an extremely bright, high-resolution display to provide a clear view of the cleaning process. The internal pressure monitored HD camera with sensors and integrated front jet nozzle measures only 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Built into a solid stainless steel case with ram protection, it inspects the underworld through a practically indestructible, 1/6-inch-thick sapphire crystal. 866-430-2134;


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