Product Spotlight - Hydrovac truck fits weight restrictions while providing big power

Product Spotlight - Hydrovac truck fits weight restrictions while providing big power

The VHX Series of hydrovac trucks from GapVax fits the mold for businesses eyeing a solution for all-around hydroexcavation projects in a platform that conforms with Bridge Law weight regulations.

The series consists of a 15,000-pound payload with an overall height of 12 feet, 2 inches.

“Initially, we targeted regions needing a wet or dry vacuum excavation truck that also required legal travel with a payload of 15,000 pounds,” says Matt Hughes, senior vice president of sales at GapVax. “Now it has expanded into projects that are restricted by tight access or low overhead clearance.” 

GapVax’s strategy was to tackle weight limit concerns while still delivering as many features as possible. The idea was to shave weight, but not performance, Hughes says.

“First, the concept was modeled with a worst-case scenario in terms of weight, meaning we started with all the must-haves,” he says.

Those essentials include a high-powered blower, a filtration system, full-opening tailgate, dipping boom and low overhead clearance.

“Then we added options to the model like an air compressor, 400,000 Btu burner, heated pump box and extreme-cold-weather provisions,” Hughes says.

From there, GapVax figured out how to get everything on the truck it wanted to while still making weight. Hughes says the advantage to starting with a worst-case weight scenario is that each option removed from the layout enabled additional payload capacity for customers who don’t need some of the available options.

Users will find wet or dry operation, a cyclone and baghouse filtration system, an 8-inch boom hose, and a blower capable of pushing 4,000 cfm and 28 inches Hg. For the water system, the VHX carries 750 gallons between two 375-gallon poly tanks and uses a hydraulically driven triplex pump to move water at 13 gpm and 3,000 psi. The full-tilting debris body provides quick unloading and simple clean out, getting you in and out of the dump site fast.

Other options customers can choose include a stainless steel debris body, an onboard scale, liquid level indicator, various lighting options, remote wireless controls and various tube racks, and toolboxes and storage. 

“The initial feedback has been excellent,” Hughes says. “Operators like the ‘big truck’ performance combined with the maneuverability of compact units. Owners love that they don’t get overweight tickets anymore.” 814-539-3617;


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