Product Spotlight - April 2023

Robotic reinstatement cutter offers flexibility to contractors

Product Spotlight - April 2023

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Opening reinstatements in a lined pipe with several 90-degree bends was once impossible. That isn’t the case anymore though, as the DC Super Flex 50 Meter, distributed in the U.S. by Dancutter USA and select distributors, including APEX CIPP Solutions, is a powerful answer for cutting, milling and grinding pipes and liners 3 to 6 inches in diameter, regardless of material or whether the pipe is straight or has bends.

“The DC Super Flex can go through several 90-degree bends in 4-inch and open reinstatements in 3-inch pipe,” says Craig Underwood, general manager of APEX CIPP Solutions. “Our research showed that the market demanded a product that was flexible, user-friendly and could quickly be set up and put away when the job was finished.”

According to Underwood, the unit only takes a few minutes to set up: The wheeled stainless steel frame — holding the supply hoses, control unit and cutter — is driven up to the work site. The cutter is already connected to the supply hose, and air and power are connected to the system. The cutter is inserted into the pipe up to its working position. The hose has a reach of approximately 164 feet. It is easy to operate using the two joysticks on the frame-mounted control unit. A 12.1-inch color display is built into the control unit’s lid, providing a sharp, precise image of the cutter’s position. The milling motor’s rotation and functions — such as raising, lowering and running back and forth — are operated from the control unit. The cutter is also equipped with a built-in slip ring that enables the cutter to work freely in a continuous 360-degree rotation. 

“Input from our customers also gave us the inspiration to develop the 360-degree continuous head rotation and to keep the cutter’s different hoses for air and sprinkler fluid protected inside one larger hose,” Underwood says.

The purchase of a DC Super Flex includes a two-day training at the customer’s location or at APEX CIPP Solution’s Florida headquarters for up to four people. According to Underwood, once crews are trained, the unit leads to valuable additional business.

“This cutter is a true workhorse in the field,” she says. “Not only can it make dozens of reinstatements in a single shift, it can also remove a failed liner or grind out a metal nail. Our customers can’t wait to tell us that their teams are more productive, saving precious time and money.” 855-997-0524;


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