Product Spotlight: High-Definition Monitor Offers Unrivaled Brightness

Product Spotlight: High-Definition Monitor Offers Unrivaled Brightness

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High-definition inspection capability doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the right monitor. With that in mind, the Hathorn H12+ is in a class of its own with the brightest daylight readable 12.1-inch LCD screen in the industry. It also has almost three times the brightness of most control modules on the market, providing stunning picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital “pan-and-zoom” technology revealing details missed by other lateral push cameras.

“Having a clear, bright monitor like the H12+ allows the user to work faster and more efficiently to locate internal pipe issues and prove completion of quality work post-job,” says Rob Luck, president of Hathorn Corporation. “Monitor brightness is critical to highlight flaws in pipework, especially in challenging light situations like bright direct sunlight where the competition struggles to display a clear contrasting image.”

The H12+ has menus in three languages (English, French and Spanish), compatibility with all Hathorn reels from 100 to 500 feet, unique information bar and text overlay options, two sonde frequencies (512 and 640Hz) and substantial file storage. It comes standard with a 128 GB hard drive that is upgradeable to 512 GB, allowing the user to save MPEG videos and JPEG screen shots to either the HDD or a USB stick. Powered by 18V Milwaukee (or equivalent) batteries, the H12+ will run up to four hours on a single charge. In addition, when the battery extender is selected, the system will automatically dim the screen brightness when the battery becomes depleted below 20%. This function also switches on the auto-save function, automatically saving any recording that is occurring before the system shuts itself down due to a drained battery.

“The feedback so far has been tremendous,” Luck says. “Customers see that we’ve retained a lot of the old features they’ve come to expect with Hathorn controllers but also that we’ve added many new features that they’ve been asking for. With this amount of features, the H12+ offers great value to plumbers and municipalities. In addition, the controller works with all of our old inspection camera reels, meaning customers can simply upgrade their monitor without having to invest in a new reel at the same time. This allows customers to save thousands of dollars up front with the comfort of knowing that Hathorn will never intentionally design them into obsolescence.” 866-428-4676;


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