Product Focus: Hydroexcavation & Industrial Jet/Vac Services, Sewer Nozzles

Product Focus: Hydroexcavation & Industrial Jet/Vac Services, Sewer Nozzles

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The 37 mm Bulldog from Enz USA has been redesigned for low flow jetter units. Operating as low as 5.5 gpm, this nozzle can aggressively remove tree roots, grease and hard deposits. It’s suitable for accessing mainline blockages from a 2-inch toilet roof vent and wall clean-outs. The small size allows it to easily maneuver pipe bends. An integrated oil-free braking system results in a low wear and tear operation, resulting in low upkeep and virtually maintenance-free operation. This nozzle can be used with both fresh and recycled water. Flow rates start at a range from 5.5 gpm, depending on the output of the jetter unit. It is available in 3/8- and 1/2-inch connecting threads. The cleaning pipe diameter range starts from 1.5- to 6-inch pipe. 877-369-8721;


The RD MASTERJET nozzle from Hammelmann has HPS sealing technology and adjustable speed rotation. It is designed for use with shotguns, robotic lance systems or replacement of any rotating tool. It is lightweight at 2.2 pounds and has a compact, ergonomic design 2.2 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches long. It can be used at operating pressures up to 46,500 psi with optimum internal flow. It has a universal nozzle hub for working with nozzles with two or four inserts. Nozzle inserts are countersunk in the nozzle carrier with blast-back shields. Speed is controlled by an infinitely variable magnetic brake. It can be used for cleaning and washing, expansion-joint removal, coating and paint removal, blasting pipe externals, paint booth grid and skid cleanup, superstructure surface preparation, heavy-machinery cleanup and surface preparation. 800-783-4935;


The Reaper rotating jetting nozzle from Hydra-Flex is engineered for water jetting applications including pipe cleaning and sewer jetting projects for the residential, municipal, industrial and contractor markets. It cleans drains, industrial pipes, sewers and tubes by clearing blockages, grease and roots with fewer passes, saving time and money while generating less wear and tear on hoses and operators. Its rotating front jet is a 0-degree, straight water stream that blasts at up to 4,000 psi while rotating at an optimal speed to form a 24- or 30-degree cone of coverage. Optimized stream quality results in greater impingement, allowing the use of one tool for various applications, including cutting blockages, cleaning grease and removing roots. Repair kits are available for extended life and lower overall operating costs. 952-808-3640;


SewerProShop’s Blue Star sewer cleaning nozzles are manufactured with optimized 3D hydromechanics by Intersewer, located in Germany. Water coming from the pressurized sewer hose is first divided by a conically shaped piece and turned around in the nozzle chamber, then guided directly to the stainless steel nozzle inserts via five-axis computer numerical control precision. The nozzles are made in one piece, reducing the chance of failure under pressure for greater safety and performance. Utilizing case-hardened steel, stainless steel and ceramic inserts, the nozzles can also be used with recycled water. 877-864-9394; 


High-performance Gator and Mini Gator nozzles from USB-USA cut and remove roots, grease, blockages and scale in various pipes ranging from 2 to 20 inches. Encased in a compact stainless steel body, the strong reinforced internal design rotates the head. 3D fluid mechanics in the head smoothly direct all the incoming high-pressure water to the four rotating jets in the rear of the head and one in front. These rotating jets create a powerful 360-degree all-around complete cleaning of the pipe, flushing and removing debris in fewer passes. The offset front jet eliminates blockages easily and effectively. The Gator is capable of being used on hose between 3/4 to 1 1/4 inches, while the Mini Gator Nozzle can be used on 3/8- to 1/2-inch hose. Case kits include an additional skid to centralize it in larger pipe. 844-285-5770;


The Sewer Robotics C70 video nozzle, distributed by Vac-Con, features eight cleaning jets, a battery pack, LED lighting, Wi-Fi and a self-leveling HD camera for video recording and jetting 6- to 40-inch pipelines. The durable nozzle easily threads onto any jetting hose to help cleaning crews and asset managers record HD, auto-upright video at low cost during pipe cleaning operations. Once the pipe is cleaned, the video is downloaded with a single touch of a button and automatically uploaded to the Sewer Analytics web cloud, together with the date, time and GPS location of the cleanings. Video is recorded on an SD card inside the nozzle and downloaded to the included tablet via integrated Wi-Fi as soon as the nozzle has returned to the manhole. 904-284-4200;


The WGR Root Destroyer from Warthog Nozzles by StoneAge is jetted to send max force to specially angled side jets optimized for root cutting. Controlled rotation and powerful jets create a water blade proven to clear roots faster, saving time, water and money. The nozzle has 1- or 1 1/4-inch inlet options and is designed to remove roots quickly and efficiently from pipe sizes 8 to 36 inches. The streamlined design prevents the tool from catching inside of the pipe, and the flush style head protects the front shaft seal for extended fluid life. It can help eliminate the use of mechanical tools that can damage the pipe. 866-795-1586;



The HX30G from Ditch Witch is powered by a 31 hp Vanguard gas engine for optimal suction power and water pressure. It has a 542-cfm blower, 3,000 psi water pressure capacity and 4.2 gpm water flow. It comes with the choice of a 500- or 800-gallon tank, and is also available in a variety of trailer configurations, including the VT9 trailer – which, when equipped with the 500-gallon tank, does not require a CDL to transport. 580-336-4402;


The HV590FLS-12VRED hydrovac water heater from Dynablast produces 590,000 Btus with an output temperature of 175 degrees F at 7 gpm. An optional electronic 12-volt thermostat can hold more precise water temperature. The unit is suitable for colder climates and improves digging in clay-filled areas. It enables fuel savings of 3/4 gph and weight reduction of 250 pounds over the current 690,000 Btu model. It comes with ETL certification for safety, which also includes certification on the coil for higher efficiency and heat transfer, stainless steel target plate for increased coil life and serviceability with momentary override control. 905-867-4642;


Wildcat Heaters high-pressure, oil-fired hot-water/steam heaters and hydraulic pump systems from Easy-Kleen Pressure Systems are designed for reliability and efficiency, and are installation-ready for vacuum trucks and hydroexcavators. A full range of heater options includes dry steam, redundancy packages, schedule 80 and 160 stainless steel or A53 boiler pipe, and fine-tuned temperature and flow-control systems. All coils are manufactured in-house, with CRN boiler-approved coils now available. Heaters can be designed for mounting in a cabinet or supplied as a completed cabinet unit. They are CSA and ETL approved. Hydraulic pumping systems are available. 800-315-5533;


The Hi-Vac X-15 Hydro Excavator can be used for potholing, daylighting and utility location. A modular design provides clean and intuitive controls and simple, planned maintenance accessibility for critical systems. It is ideal when on-site dumping is required and for off-highway applications that require a high legal payload. A 15-cubic-yard debris tank, high payload capacity and 1,600-gallon freshwater capacity result in fewer costly offsite trips. Power is provided by a 6,200 cfm 28-inch Hg high-performance blower and a triplex water pump that delivers 25 gpm at 4,000 psi. The top-mounted, 360-degree boom ensures accessibility in all directions while a heavy-duty, hydraulic vibrator facilitates fast and efficient unloading of the debris body. An optional severe-duty, 700,000 Btu boiler safely heats water for frozen ground applications. 800-752-2400;


The Hydro 3600 Hybrid Excavator from Imperial Industries is short and compact for maneuverability in tight spaces. It is user-friendly, efficient and can be operated easily by a single person and is designed to minimize time spent on the job site. It includes a 3,600-gallon hauling capacity (customizable sizes available), optional water capacity, code and noncode availability, a three-stage lift hoist with built-in vibrator and full opening rear door for easy dumping, 20 gpm jetter up to 4,000 psi (adjustable), a National Vacuum Equipment 1600 blower and a moisture trap and grit ridder. Options include a 16-function remote control for easy operation of the boom, jetter, blower and vacuum. 800-558-2945;


The T7 Tandem from Rival Hydrovac was designed primarily to be a unit that could be loaded with debris and drive within legislated road limits with most types of debris on board. The unit comes standard with a scale that reads real-time weights both in the cab and on the wireless remote to confirm weight prior to travel. The T10 is built with the same features and operating system, but with larger capacities and components. It is popular with clients who do both utility and industrial work. It is available in three chassis layouts to meet weight restrictions in a given area. An air compressor option allows for excavating with air when required, while a truck-mounted coring system allows for removal of hard surfaces prior to nondestructive excavating. 403-550-7997;


The Soil Surgeon hydroexcavating tool fits any sewer combination truck equipped with a telescoping 6- or 8-inch boom. The tool has a 1-inch water connection. The operator controls water pressure and power through truck controls. It has a 6-foot Tuff-Tube with handles to guide the unit down for potholing or side to side for trenching. Six jets boring inward cut the soil, while six boring outward bring the tube down. 949-363-1401;


Tornado Global Hydrovacs engineered the F3 ECO-LITE to have big functionality in a midsized platform. It was made specifically to legally haul large payloads in urban environments, and does so with a debris capacity of 10 cubic yards and a water capacity of 1,250 gallons. A float-style indicator is positioned on the outside of the debris tank, so monitoring volume is quick and easy. It comes with a boom capable of reaching to 26 feet with 342 degrees of rotation and an 8-inch boom hose. The truck uses a 3,800 cfm Robuschi 125 blower, a Pratissoli KT28 water pump and a Dynablast 740,000 Btu burner. A hydraulic dump door measuring 48-by-52-inches is mounted on the back of the tank and sits 42 inches high for easy use over bins. 877-340-8141;


The TRUVAC FLXX is a vacuum excavator built to perform for utilities and contractors installing, replacing and repairing underground infrastructure, utilizing both air and hydroexcavation options for all conditions. This machine offers more power and maneuverability to work in tight urban settings where street excavation jobs can include supporting, repairing and installing a city’s water, sewer, power and telecommunications infrastructure. It has the highest legal payload capacity in a midsize truck with a 10-cubic-yard debris body. In addition, it offers Park-n-Dig, an always-connected water source; safe and precise digging with the DigRight one-touch flow control technology; a water heater to dig in all types of weather/material conditions; a 22-foot boom reach with 340-degree rotation; and a DigFast option to maintain peak vacuuming performance and a clear airstream in the vacuum tube. 800-627-3171;

17 // VERMEER VXT300

Vermeer’s VXT300 truck vac is outfitted with an 8-cubic-yard spoil tank, 6-inch dig tube and the ability to carry up to 800 gallons of water so crews can maximize productivity on the job. It is designed with a low overall height of 11.5 feet to efficiently transport spoils from the job site to the dumpsite. The vac truck is built on a Kenworth T370 truck chassis with a 350 hp diesel engine and a six-speed automatic 3,000 RDS Allison transmission. The truck’s PTO drive powers its Roots 624 vacuum blower with a maximum flow of 3,500 cfm and maximum suction of 18 inches Hg. The water pump is capable of producing 10 gpm at 3,000 psi for productivity on large jobs as well as when digging at deeper depths. 800-837-6337;



The FlexLine C120 and the more agile C60 from Bucher Municipal North America are now available. The combination sewer cleaners are used for preventive cleaning, emergency cleaning of mains, septic, collection tanks and hydroexcavation. They offer 8- and 15-cubic-yard capacities, 7.2 and 14.5 psi, a jetting hose reel with more than 492 feet of capacity, a 5-inch suction hose with 7-foot extension, a hydraulic end cover that opens upward, automatically minimizing obstructions on roads and sidewalks, two control panels placed for easy operation, and a 5,100 psi at 5 gpm hydroexcavation pump. 704-658-1333;


The versatile Camel Max Series combination sewer cleaner from Super Products comes in a variety of model configurations: 900 Dump, 1200 Dump, 1200 Eject and 1200 Wastewater Recycle. All 1200 models come standard with a high dump subframe, eliminating the need to back up a ramp for debris removal. The 1200 Dump is capable of dumping into a 42-inch container while maintaining a low overhead height and a low center of gravity for increased stability. The 1200 Eject allows operators to have the only controlled way to dump safely into a 48-inch container without additional containment products. The 1200 Wastewater Recycle enables operators to clean sewers without freshwater, and is capable of cleaning nearly 3,000 feet of sewer pipe per day and saving 60,000 gallons of water per week. 800-837-9711;



The Cnt-r-KUT G1 EMAX from Arthur Products is an interchangeable cutter nozzle to clear roots and debris. The centering devices can be modified for custom applications. They help operators tackle tough jobs, including when using drain cleaning nozzles in tight spaces in damaged sewers, and technicians can expect to achieve maximum cleaning spread in drains and other pipes. 800-322-0510;


To get tough roots out of a drainline, classic cable drain machines from Duracable are ideal. The DM55 sled-style machine or big uprights like the DM162 or DM175 are powerhouse machines with a direct drive 10:1 gearbox ratio to provide all the power and torque needed to tackle heavy roots. The company has 108 cable styles and 167 blade styles to choose from so techs can customize their root cutting system. Once the line is clear, treat it with a product like Root Destroyer or RootX to prevent regrowth of roots without harming the tree itself. 800-247-4081;


The Model C dual-cable sectional drain cleaner from Electric Eel runs up to 200 feet of 1 1/4-inch, self-feeding dual cable in 8- or 10-foot sections that require no handling when rotating. It spins cable at twice the revolutions per minute of a continuous cable machine for cleaning 3- to 10-inch lines for distances up to 200 feet. One-man operation means less time and labor expense. A heavy-duty, 1/2 hp motor comes standard, and 3/4 and 1 hp motors are also available. A custom-designed gearbox ensures higher quality, lower cost and parts availability. The heavy-duty, fully adjustable safety clutch keeps cable and tool breakage to a minimum and provides overload protection. A fold-down handle allows for easy transportation, storage and use in crawl spaces. Its carry handle allows for balance and easy transport. 800-833-1212;


The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or enclosed polyethylene drum, and it can be outfitted with an optional power feeder. Standard configuration is 150 feet of 11/16-inch hollow-core cable, which should reach most blockages with a single reel. Overall weight of this machine is 185 pounds. Adding a loading ramp and electric winch to any vehicle makes transportation quick and simple. It is designed to clean pipes from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. 877-446-7548;


Hercules R-D Root Destroyer from Oatey is a slow dissolving, nonacidic, noncaustic herbicide formulated to eliminate and prevent root growth in sewer lines. By preventing sump and ejector pump root damage, it eliminates overflow damage, sewage flow restriction and backup odors. It is safe to use in lines leading to septic tanks, cesspools and dry wells, and is harmless to the environment. 800-321-9532;


The Model 1065 is Spartan Tool’s original professional-grade cable machine. It offers a 250-foot range to clean pipe from 3 to 10 inches in diameter. The Dial-A-Cable power feed allows for quick cable changes and feeds cable in and out easily, while the blockage-sensing smart motor senses the need for more power when encountering a difficult blockage. A fully enclosed drum helps keep customer’s living areas clean, and the unit has a rugged design for tough jobs. 800-435-3866;



CrewPlex is a hands-free communication solution to help crews overcome the challenges of continuous communication in environments where noise, distance, and task complexity can affect safety and productivity. It enables the user to connect the entire team with one system. Users can talk and hear each other in real time without delay and without voice triggering or pushing a button. Its audio quality provides better communication in all environments, especially in operations where noise levels can exceed 100 dB. Available connectivity to two-way radio systems keeps workgroups in touch with a supervisor and extends the communication reach of an entire work team. A variety of headsets are available to meet the needs of different jobs. 888-321-2739;



The 51T Series 2650 trailer jet from American Jetter offers 26 gpm at 5,000 psi. Dual Kohler electronic fuel injection gasoline engines provide consistent power and create 114 hp, saving up to 20% fuel, while avoiding problems associated with carburetor engines. Low water shut-off prevents pump damage if the optional 600 to 800-gallon tanks run low. The main reel holds up to 500 feet of 1/2-inch hose, and speed control allows for precise cleaning in both directions. A long-range wireless remote option allows for water ON/OFF, engine shutdown and hose reel control. The heavy-duty square-tubing trailer offers standard electric brakes on both axles. 866-944-3569;


The 3012H Compact Skid Mount Jetter from Cam Spray is designed to go into a high cube van or pickup bed and take up as little space as possible while still flowing 12 gpm at 3,000 psi. Features include a Honda iGX 800 fuel-injected gasoline engine with oil alert and hour meter, powering a gearbox-driven plunger pump with ceramic plungers, stainless steel valves, pressure gauge and 80-mesh water filter. The pump is protected by an unloader valve and secondary pop-off. A power pulse feature is used for navigating longer runs and elbows. The 100-gallon tank includes low water shut-off and a float valve to manage filling the tank. An industrial coated skid platform and frame offers transferability between vans, trucks and trailers, while mounting flanges and D-rings allow for the machine to be fastened or tied down. The machine measures 52 inches long by 41.5 inches wide by 50 inches tall. 800-648-5011;


The G7 Jetter from GapVax is built on a heavy-duty, contractor-grade NATM-certified trailer. Several engine choices, including Cummins diesel, are certified and sized appropriately for the water pump combinations. The unit’s hose reel is hydraulically powered with a direct-drive gearbox and variable-speed control. The hose reel offers a 3-foot (curbside) articulation from center of bearing, 180-degree rotation and a capacity of 800 feet of 3/4-inch jetter hose. The polyethylene plastic water tank is available in 300-, 500-, 600- or 700-gallon capacities. The water pump is center-fed for optimum performance. The controller is interlocked with safety features that will show low fuel levels and low water, and is capable of a complete engine shutdown in an emergency. 888-442-7829;


The JM-2512 Typhoon from General Pipe Cleaners delivers 12 gpm at 2,500 psi to blast grease, sediment and debris from 4- to 12-inch drainlines up to 400 feet long. A 200-gallon holding tank carries enough water to handle remote locations where access to water is limited. It offers electric brakes, safety strobe light, safety cones, rear fold-down stabilizer jacks, retractable hose guide arm and antifreeze system as standard equipment. Its reliable 24 hp Honda engine with electric start and 7-gallon fuel tank ensures extended performance on stubborn stoppages. On-demand Vibra-pulse helps slide the nozzle around tight bends and propels the hose down long lines. Two hose reels — a jet hose reel with 400 feet of 1/2-inch hose featuring variable-speed electric rewind, and a water supply hose reel carrying 150 feet of 3/4-inch hose — are mounted at the rear of the unit next to the pressure gauge and output valve. 800-245-6200;


The HotJet USA HotJet II trailer-mounted jetter is available with hydraulic hose reels and a 37 hp Vanguard fuel-injected engine. Operating with hot or cold water, it runs at 12 gpm at 4,000 psi, cleaning 2- to 12-inch lines, making it an alternative between small-output and larger-output machines. It arrives turnkey with a 330-gallon water tank, detergent tanks and full power-washing capabilities for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing after the job. It includes a hydraulic hose reel, heavy-duty 7,000-pound-rated tandem axle trailer (single axle also available), rear control panel with a remote control, two heavy-duty diamond plate side toolboxes and one front toolbox. 800-624-8186;


The 20 gpm, 4,000 psi Eagle-300/4020-SW-DWR trailer-mounted jetter from Jetters Northwest can clean larger lines with its 20 gpm flow-capability and 4,000 psi velocity, yet can easily be adjusted down for jetting smaller sewers or sensitive lines. With up to 600 feet of jetter hose, its DC-powered hose reel sits on a 180-degree swiveling base and operates even if the jetter runs out of fuel. The wireless remote offers safe control of jetting on/off, engines on/off, throttle/pressure up/down and reel-wind. Manual controls are panel-mounted on the swiveling hose reel. Powered by emissions-friendly Kawasaki fuel-injected/liquid-cooled engines, these jetters are built on industrial-duty trailers with brakes for safety and can be towed with a full water tank. Choose between 300- or 600-gallon tank sizes. Twin fender-mounted tool bins allow for significant storage-space and aluminum wheels provide a sharp appearance. Pulsation control helps the jet nozzle pull through long runs. Four jetting nozzles are provided, and several root/grease nozzles are optional. 877-901-1936;


The Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment Model 184 comes with a run-dry pump offering 18 gpm at 4,000 psi, a tubular steel frame, corrosion-resistant prepainted subassemblies, state-of-the-art controls, strong hose reel and high-quality gas engine. It is suitable for drain cleaning and sewer jetting, remote access locations, mainlines up to 12 inches in diameter and commercial and industrial lines. The trailer unit comes with a water tank capacity of 300 gallons and standard hose reel capacity of 600 feet of 1/2-inch hose. The trailer setup consists of a 6,000-pound-rated single-axle trailer, and the addition of a wireless remote-control system makes this equipment a true one-man operation. It is also available as a van pack or truck-mounted unit. 815-835-5566;


MyTana offers two compact and budget friendly ROM-built truck-mounted jetters suitable for house connections and light industrial work. Both models fit medium-duty commercial vehicles and deliver 15 gpm at 4,000 psi for work in lines up to 24 inches. The smaller Economic has a hydraulic hose reel that swivels 225 degrees and holds 300 feet of 1/2-inch hose. A second reel is for water fill hose. The EcoFit features three reels. Two hydraulic hose reels swivel 270 degrees along with the control panel, each with a hose entry guide. The main reel has 300 feet of 1/2-inch hose but could hold up to 550 feet of hose. The second reel can hold up to 300 feet of 1/2-inch hose. A third reel houses the water fill hose. Both models include a handheld remote control unit and pulse action. Built by ROM, with tried-and-trusted high-pressure technology backed by decades of experience. 800-328-8170;


Vacall’s AllJet truck-mounted jetter is an easy-to-operate, efficient sewer root maintenance machine. The hydraulically powered triplex plunger water pump is capable of 87 gpm at 2,000 psi with other power options available. The hose reel telescopes out 54 inches from a retracted position and swivels 200 degrees to properly direct the 600-foot jetting hose. It uses a single-engine PTO design and a 1,600-gallon UV-resistant polyethylene water tank. Operator-friendly features include four locking aluminum tool storage cabinets, a rear-view camera, roll-up doors and a washdown system, with options including LED lighting packages, an extendable rear canopy and a heating and insulation package inside the all-aluminum rear compartment. 800-382-8302; 


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