Case Studies: CIPP Lining Methods and Projects

Case Studies: CIPP Lining Methods and Projects

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Relining products used to renovate 50-year-old in-house pipes

PROBLEM / The Pullman Hotel in Paris, France, had pipelines that were installed in the 1970s. The vertical wastewater pipes were made of cast iron and the building had to undergo a major renovation. Originally, all the wastewater pipes were to be replaced. During the renovation, the replacement of the pipes was canceled due to the high costs and time involved. After flooding on some floors due to damaged pipes, the work was re-evaluated, and the customer chose the relining method due to time and costs. The challenge was the very short time frame of only five weeks.

SOLUTION / The crew used BRAWO SYSTEMS products to repair 42 vertical cast iron DN 125 downpipes with lengths of 210 and 230 feet. Four technicians were needed to install the liners and 10 to re-open the connections. The seamlessly knitted liner adapts optimally.

The extremely flexible polyester loop construction allows for enormous lateral expansion. This makes the BRAWOLINER 3D an optimal rehabilitation solution for difficult wastewater systems. “The work was cleaning, relining, re-opening connections and reconnecting,” says Yaker Ait, sales manager France at BRAWO SYSTEMS. “Because of the big job site we had a lot of equipment and people, so the tight supply demands had to be delivered just in time on the job site.”

RESULT / “We managed the supply and service of this big volume in spite of the extreme length of the liner just as planned,” Ait says.

Expandable pressure pipe used to repair residential water service

PROBLEM / At a Pittsburgh residence, it was discovered that a copper water service pipe was leaking. The pipe was approximately 220 feet long, with 25 feet of elevation from the shut-off to the in-house connection. Some of the pipe ran alongside and under a paved driveway and wooded area with many trees.

SOLUTION / With the NSF 61 certified Neofit+Plus Expandable Pressure Pipe from Flow-Liner Systems, the only digging required was a small access pit at the shut-off valve located at the end of the long, paved driveway, leaving the driveway, trees, landscaping and other structures untouched. There was no need to demolish the walls or floors inside either, as Neofit+Plus expands to fit the existing pipe and then easily reconnects to the rest of the indoor piping. 

RESULT / This residential job used a simple PEX crimp fitting to reconnect to the rest of the home’s indoor plumbing. Neofit+Plus is not only suitable for fixing leaking service pipes, it’s also a solution for removing toxic lead from drinking water. The EPP creates an impenetrable barrier between the lead pipes and water, protecting users from toxic lead contaminants. 800-348-0020; 


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