Product Focus: Mainline Sewer Inspection

Product Focus: Mainline Sewer Inspection

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Information Systems

1 // ITpipes Esri Solution

ITpipes provides CCTV pipe inspection planning, prioritizing, field collection and data management tools in the fully integrated Esri Solution. This integration allows agencies to turn pipe inspections into mapped, actionable intelligence. Streamlined data management and powerful reporting with dynamic mapping help agencies to take their infrastructure maintenance program from proactive to predictive. Consuming its feature services, maps are automatically updated within ITpipes Web. With ITpipes Sync, the maps are automatically updated on ITpipes Mobile in the field inspection vehicle every night, assuring that all team members are working from the same GIS map. With asset management system integrations, agencies can increase efficiencies thanks to seamless bidirectional automated integrations. It transfers, reassigns and organizes work orders, tracks planned and unplanned completed work, and gives inspection access to all AMS users. 877-487-4737;

2 // ServiceCore software

ServiceCore is a cloud-based, custom-built platform designed for the waste industry. It allows users to streamline challenging processes in a matter of clicks, from scheduling and routing to inventory tracking and customer management, to billing and invoicing. It provides powerful tools to manage a business and provide real-time insights. Plus, each person at the company has customized access to the software and can log in on any device online or in the app. 844-336-0611;

Inspection Cameras

3 // Aries Industries Mobile Pathfinder System

The Mobile Pathfinder System from Aries Industries is a lightweight, portable system for accurately inspecting mainlines that are 6 inches or larger. It includes a powerful transporter, camera and lightweight reel; these components are operated by an all-in-one remote control. The transporter comes in a variety of wheel sizes and is equipped with a rear-viewing camera and an adjustable electric lift to keep the camera centered in a range of pipe sizes. It features a WiperCam pan-and-tilt camera with an in-the-pipe cleaning system and field-replaceable wipers. The camera has a 300-degree viewing angle and LED lighting system to capture pipe details and ensure accurate assessments. The lightweight reel has 1,000 feet of low-friction, multiconductor cable, making the system fully portable. 800-234-7205;

4 // Electric Eel eCAM Pro 2

The eCAM Pro 2 from Electric Eel has a built-in battery cradle that accepts a Milwaukee M18 battery. This allows for operation in remote locations or anywhere electricity is not available. This feature is now standard on all eCAM units. Features include a 1.68-inch self-leveling color camera with sapphire lens and housed in rugged stainless steel, a 20 LED light ring with an impact-resistant polycarbonate light ring cover and a high-resolution element. A flexible camera spring navigates 3-inch elbows. The unit comes standard with 200 feet of premium 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod (reel capacity available up to 400 feet), industry-standard 512 Hz sonde, 10.4-inch daylight-readable monitor with click-touch controls, and one-touch recording directly to a USB flash drive, voice-over recording, an 8X zoom function, 8-inch wheels for easy maneuverability and a secure-locking reel brake. 800-833-1212;

5 // Envirosight ROVVER X

The ROVVER X from Envirosight is the pipe inspection system that lets an operator do everything, including run inspections, view and record video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset management software. The Flexspection sewer video capture platform adds even more capabilities to this versatile system. Three video resolution options (SD and HD) allow operators to change file size and resolution depending on the needs of each inspection. Twelve wheel options enable ROVVER X to inspect lines from 4 to 96 inches. Its six-wheel drive with proportional steering navigates past obstacles, and overlapping wheels climb offsets with ease. Powerful motors and a geared drivetrain maximize travel range. Not only can you add side-scanning, laser profiling and lateral launch, you can view data from onboard sensors and assess defects on-screen. The system’s firmware updates automatically to the latest features. 866-838-3763;

6 // Hathorn Inspection Cameras H12 

The H12 control module from Hathorn Inspection Cameras is equipped with a bright 12.1-inch VividHD LCD screen. It is powered by 18V Milwaukee (or equivalent) batteries, and available with PipeStream Wi-Fi technology, which allows the user to directly stream the video inspection to up to four devices at the same time (Apple or Android). This system also comes with a full keyboard, eight pages of text overlay, dimmable light control, record/pause to USB, and sonde control. It is usable in any light condition (including direct sunshine), providing HD picture quality, high contrast and 8X digital pan and zoom technology. Command modules are paired with Hathorn Standard reels, which offer nine camera heads (straight view and self-leveling), five different reel sizes, five different rod sizes, and lengths from 100 to 500 feet. 866-428-4676;

7 // INSPECTORCAMERAS.COM Scout 3-Pro Red 35

The Scout 3-Pro Red 35, distributed by INSPECTORCAMERAS.COM, is a rugged yet compact sewer inspection camera that is easy to use and supplied with a 1-inch self-leveling color camera head. This camera also has a 512 Hz Sonde transmitter, distance/foot counter, time and date stamp, on-screen text writing capability, and MP4 color video recording with snapshot picture function. The 115-foot heavy-duty pushrod cable provides a blend of flexibility and stiffness to allow use in a variety of pipes and conditions. The camera controls are fully self-contained inside an easily removable control case for confined or restricted spaces. 603-267-0400;

8 // Medit DuraSCOPE WIFI

DuraSCOPE WIFI inspection cameras from Medit are known for the durability of the push cable and their ability to withstand repeating cycles of inspections in harsh environments. The new generation of these CCTV systems has an improved Wi-Fi connection that allows connecting a few smartphones/tablets simultaneously, so coworkers can see the live footage from the other side of the street. The camera is fully portable and runs on an 18V Milwaukee battery. No monitor or any other fragile and easy-to-break parts are needed. Just a sturdy, steel frame, premium spiral-wound push cable, and a color camera head with 512Hz sonde. 877-613-2210;

9 // Minicam Proteus LAT150

The Proteus LAT150 from Minicam can inspect lateral pipes up to 150 feet and has an overall tractor crawl distance up to 1,150 feet. The launch mechanism can be adjusted and serviced on site, minimizing downtime and reducing running costs. The unit has 8x8 wheel drive, keeping inspections moving through potential obstructions in the pipe. A hinged midsection on the tractor allows for easy access into 12-inch manholes and runs in mainlines from 6 inches and up. The pan-and-rotate camera is less than 2 inches and includes twin lasers, providing accurate pipe diameter, defect and object measurements every time. 734-744-5557;

10 // Ratech Electronics Plumber’s Helper Jr.

The Plumber’s Helper Jr. pipe inspection system from Ratech Electronics is based on a small-scale reel and comes with 100 feet of mini Gel Rod cable, a removable compact command module with 7.1-inch LCD, a built-in battery and an SD recorder for digital images and video. This mini pipe inspection system is available with a full-spectrum, 1.375-inch, self-leveling color camera; a standard color camera; or any of the company’s three micro camera heads — 5/8-, 3/4- or 1-inch diameter. 905-660-7072;

11 // RIDGID SeeSnake microReel APX

The RIDGID SeeSnake microReel APX is designed to optimize inspections and engineered with a lightweight, compact profile for easy portability. It offers bright LED lights with high color accuracy and auto-flip imagery delivering crisp, detailed images and ensuring upright viewing angles in a variety of pipe conditions. Paired with TruSense technology, this tool delivers a high-quality in-pipe image with clarity, detail and fewer blown-out areas and sections of the pipe that are too dark to see. TiltSense measures the camera’s angle and, when connected to a SeeSnake series monitor, the camera can convey the camera’s degree of tilt on the monitor — giving professionals a useful indicator of the pitch of the camera in-pipe. It also comes with a built-in kickstand for in-field versatility with multiple configurations for optimal operation. 800-474-3443;

12 // SECON Extreme Series

Extreme Series cordless sewer cameras from SECON come with two 20-volt DeWALT batteries and a charging station. An 18-volt power supply is included for plug-in operation. They have SD card recording and Wi-Fi connection to view inspections in real time on personal smart devices. The unit includes a 7-inch color LCD monitor, 512 Hz sonde/transmitter and a stainless steel camera head. They are available with 100 to 300 feet of push cable and are capable of viewing 1 1/2- to 12-inch pipe. 702-527-5100;

13 // Subsite Electronics TranStar Transporter

The TranStar Transporter from Subsite Electronics is designed with a system approach, creating a powerful and versatile tractor. It is powered by two 90W motors that allow it to traverse various pipe conditions for more than 2,000 feet. The mainline reel’s true freewheel capability system aids in minimal drag and zero resistance, allowing for the transporter to go farther in tough conditions. The freewheel system allows for rapid retrieval of the transporter once the inspection is complete. It offers full steering for optimal maneuverability in pipe with a diameter between 6 and 30 inches. The system approach pairs the tractor with the TrakStar camera, which has optional laser crack measurement and inclination for full 360-degree inspection capabilities. Thick side plates and a scratch-resistant window cover make the system durable for all types of inspection projects. 800-846-2713;

14 // Vivax-Metrotech vCamMX-2

The vCamMX-2 from Vivax-Metrotech is a portable all-in-one camera to inspect pipes between 1 1/2 and 4 inches. The control module’s 8-inch daylight-viewable LCD screen shows the distance of pushrod deployed, as well as the current time and date. Recordings are made in MP4 video and pictures in JPEG format directly to a USB thumb drive, then instantly backed up to an SD card. The internal microphone allows audio commenting over recorded video. The pushrod is traceable with the use of an external locator transmitter and is available in 100 or 150 feet. The 512Hz frequency sonde is standard equipment. It comes with two interchangeable camera heads. The smaller D18-MX camera is fixed position and 0.70 inch in diameter, and the D26-MX is self-leveling and 1 inch in diameter. 800-446-3392;

Camera Tractor Wheels

15 // Cua Claws crawler wheels

Crawler wheels from Cua Claws can help improve footage in wet, slippery PVC or other plastic pipe. The wheels have tungsten carbide furnace brazed to the wheel. An extended range of modes is available that can be retrofitted to the customer’s crawler. The company also offers a service to apply its carbide to crawler wheels. Some wheels are stainless and cannot be processed so Cua Claws has a line of replacement wheels of exact fit in mild steel so the grit can be applied. This way the customer can harvest the savings to re-grit instead of replacing the wheels when necessary. 714-697-8697;

16 // TruGrit Traction crawler wheels

Whether you are looking for traction in newly installed liner that you don’t want to shred up, or you need an extremely aggressive wheel to cut through heavy grease, TruGrit Traction wheels can make it happen. Two types of wheels are available. The TruGrit uses a blend of flexible polymer and steel carbide grit to provide added traction in all pipe types and conditions, never getting dull, and only getting better as they wear. The TruGrit Steel is a solid steel wheel with an exterior finish of aggressive carbide grit to maximize traction in heavy grease and debris. Hub adapters enable one universal wheel to fit multiple OEMs, including Aries, CUES, Envirosight, RapidView IBAK, Rausch, Subsite and Schwalm. 407-900-1091;

Inspection Vehicles

17 // CUES CCTV inspection vehicles

CUES offers custom truck-, van-, ATV- or trailer-mounted systems for TV inspection, condition assessment and rehabilitation needs. Made to withstand the most severe conditions and ergonomically designed for comfort and efficiency, vehicle-mounted systems can include TV inspection equipment for sanitary and stormwater lines, laser and sonar pipe profiling systems, mainline joint and lateral sealing, and lateral reinstatement cutters for the relining industry. Equipment can be ergonomically mounted to inspect 6- through 200-inch mainlines and 3- through 8-inch lateral services. The truck interior can be customized, with cabinets, equipment and mounting configuration, to fit unique requirements. Truck- and trailer-mounted grout rehabilitation systems are available for mainline, manhole and lateral joint sealing and can be equipped with the latest CCTV equipment and decision support software for television inspection with documented condition assessment. 800-327-7791;

18 // RapidView IBAK North America Inspection Vehicles Kubota UTV Conversion

RapidView IBAK North America specializes in a variety of inspection vehicles that allow for the safe transport and operation of IBAK equipment. One of the more unique conversions is the Kubota UTV off-road inspection vehicle. Whether you’re inspecting hard-to-reach mainlines and laterals, or need to access off-road manholes, the Kubota UTV will get you where a normal size truck can’t. The conversion is equipped with an office space in the front with a full-size computer, ample equipment storage in the back, and slide-out generator storage. The Kubota UTV has the space to mount any size IBAK inspection system, from a KW SI cable reel or compact MainLite system, all the way up to a full-size HD mainline and lateral launch system. 800-656-4225;

Mapping Software

19 // WinCan Web 

WinCan Web delivers a series of enterprise maps that give leadership a sky-high view of a city’s sewer system, and where inspections are taking place throughout the day. Designed for fast, easy project editing and defect coding, it provides avenues for processing and reviewing any type of data. Collect inspection data, then visualize results from anywhere, with seamless integration with Esri’s ArcGIS online, or on the WinCan Maps native mapping software. The program’s enterprise-tier inspection manager helps wastewater and sewer managers track maintenance and inspection work orders and determine the progress of each. This not only increases productivity for office teams creating and monitoring work orders, but allows tracking the progress of individual crews throughout the day, providing an enhanced layer of accountability and team management. 877-626-8386; 


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