Product Focus: Waterblasting and Waterjet Cleaning and Accessories

Product Focus: Waterblasting and Waterjet Cleaning and Accessories

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1 // Kuriyama of America Alfagomma Waterblast

Alfagomma Waterblast hydraulic hoses from Kuriyama of America are made with an oil- and water-resistant synthetic rubber tube. The reinforcement is four high-tensile steel spirals, and the cover is oil, water and ozone resistant synthetic rubber. The hose is designed for very high-pressure waterjetting service. The WATERBLAST WB10 Series hose provides 10,000 psi service for I.D. sizes 06, 08, 12 and 16. The WATERBLAST WB15 Series hose provides 16,000 psi for the dash 08 I.D. size and 14,500 psi for the dash 12 I.D. size. The WATERBLAST WB20 hose provides 20,000 psi service for the dash 08 I.D. size. 847-755-0360;

Hose Reels

2 // Coxreels 1125 Series

The 1125 Series from Coxreels is now available with two upgraded swivel options. The medium-pressure (up to 4,000 psi) and high-pressure (up to 5,000 psi) can both be factory installed on the standard 1125 Series. The medium-pressure swivel is precision machined from solid brass and features upgraded wall thickness, as well as upgraded seals and backup rings. The high-pressure swivel is machined from high-strength steel and nickel plated for corrosion resistance. This ball bearing swivel features maximum flow and enhanced load-bearing capabilities. 800-269-7335;

3 // Hannay Reels 6200 Power Rewind Reel

The 6200 Power Rewind Reel from Hannay Reels is designed to stand up to rigorous waterjetting and blasting applications. With its heavy-duty steel construction, strong spool, sturdy frame and hydraulic motor, this reel offers hose expansion control for I.D. hose widths between 3/4- and 1-inch. Up to 500 feet of hose is supported at 3,000 psi, making it suitable for large jobs. The “A” assembly roller on the front of the frame allows for proper storage and easy dispensing on truck or trailer mounts. Optional upgrades include 5,000 psi working pressure, roller assembly, direct drive hydraulic motor rewind and a hose package, allowing for a wide range of customizations to suit every need. 518-797-3791;


4 // Enz USA UC Line

The UC Line with CrossJet Technology from Enz USA offers a complete line of high-pressure solutions for tough industrial cleaning projects. The nozzles are suitable for cleaning tubes such as heat exchangers in nuclear power plants or in the sugar industry. This CrossJet Technology offers ideal cleaning performance with lower leakage and long durability. The nozzles are available up to 22,000 psi. They are available in 9, 13, 18, 22 and 28 mm sizes. 877-369-8721;

5 // Hammelmann RD MASTERJET

The RD MASTERJET nozzle from Hammelmann has HPS sealing technology and adjustable-speed rotation. It is designed for use with shotguns, robotic lance systems or replacement of any rotating tool. It is lightweight at 2.2 pounds and has a compact, ergonomic design 2.2 inches in diameter and 6.5 inches long. It can be used at operating pressures up to 46,500 psi with optimum internal flow. It has a universal nozzle hub for working with nozzles with two or four inserts. Nozzle inserts are countersunk in the nozzle carrier with blast-back shields. Speed is controlled by an infinitely variable magnetic brake. It can be used for cleaning and washing, expansion-joint removal, coating and paint removal, blasting pipe externals, paint booth grid and skid cleanup, superstructure surface preparation, heavy-machinery cleanup and surface preparation. 800-783-4935;

6 // Hydra-Flex Reaper

The Reaper rotating jetting nozzle from Hydra-Flex is engineered specifically for water jetting applications including pipe cleaning and sewer jetting projects for the residential, municipal, industrial and contractor markets. It successfully cleans drains, industrial pipes, sewers and tubes by clearing blockages, grease and roots with fewer passes, saving time and money all while generating less wear and tear on hoses and operators. Its rotating front jet is a 0-degree, straight water stream that blasts at up to 4,000 psi while rotating at an optimal speed to form a 24- or 30-degree cone of coverage. Optimized stream quality results in greater impingement, allowing the user to use one tool for various applications including cutting blockages, cleaning grease and removing roots. Repair kits are available for extended life and lower overall operating costs. 952-808-3640;

7 // SewerProShop Blue Star

SewerProShop’s Blue Star sewer cleaning nozzles are manufactured with optimized 3D hydromechanics by Intersewer, located in Germany. Water coming from the pressurized sewer hose is first divided by a conically shaped piece and turned around in the nozzle chamber, then guided directly to the stainless steel nozzle inserts via five-axis computer numerical control precision. The nozzles are made in one piece, reducing the chance of failure under pressure for greater safety and performance. Utilizing case-hardened steel, stainless steel and ceramic inserts, the nozzles can also be used with recycled water. 877-864-9394;

8 // USB-USA Gator and Mini Gator

High-performance Gator and Mini Gator nozzles from USB-USA cut and remove roots, grease, blockages, and scale in various pipes ranging from 2 to 20 inches. Encased in a compact stainless-steel body, the strong reinforced internal design rotates the head. 3D Fluid Mechanics in the head smoothly direct all the incoming high-pressure water to the four rotating jets in the rear of the head and one in front. These rotating jets create a powerful 360-degree all-around complete cleaning of the pipe, flushing and removing debris in less passes. The offset front jet eliminates blockages easily and effectively. The Gator is capable of being used on hose between 3/4 and 1 ¼ inches, while the Mini Gator Nozzle can be used on 3/8- to 1/2-inch hose. Also available are case kits that include an additional skid to centralize the nozzle in larger pipe. 844-285-5770;

9 // Vac-Con Sewer Robotics C70

The Sewer Robotics C70 video nozzle, distributed by Vac-Con, features eight cleaning jets, a battery pack, LED lighting, Wi-Fi and a self-leveling HD camera for video recording and jetting 6- to 40-inch pipelines. The durable nozzle easily threads onto any jetting hose to help cleaning crews and asset managers record HD, auto-upright video at low cost during pipe cleaning operations. Once the pipe is cleaned, the video is downloaded with a single touch of a button and automatically uploaded to the Sewer Analytics web cloud, together with the date, time and GPS location of the cleanings. Video is recorded on an SD card inside the nozzle and downloaded to the included tablet via integrated Wi-Fi as soon as the nozzle has returned to the manhole. 904-284-4200;

10 // Warthog Nozzles by StoneAge Switcher

Removing calcified grease, mineral deposits and plaster concrete deposits can be challenging, time-consuming and stressful. Having the proper tool ensures confidence for success without repeated passes or an opencut dig. With two sets of jetting angles in one tool, there’s no need to change nozzles or shut down equipment with the Switcher from Warthog Nozzles by StoneAge. One set of jet angles provides efficient pulling power, and one set of jets is angled for highly effective cleaning with the ability for the operator to switch between pulling or cleaning while still in the line. 866-795-1586;

Portable Jetters

11 // Electric Eel Eel-Jet EJ3000

The EJ3000 from Electric Eel can clean 2- to 8-inch-diameter lines up to 300 feet. It offers 3,000 psi at 4.7 gpm and a 13 hp overhead valve engine for smooth, quiet running and dependable operation with electric start available. It has a 2-1 gear reduced triplex pump with pulsation for longer life, a 300-foot-capacity hose reel, a heat shield to protect the hose and convenient nozzle storage on the unit. Its steel nozzles penetrate and clean tough clog problems from drainpipe walls with a variety of spray angles. Throttle back control automatically adjusts engine speed. It comes with a low-tone muffler for quiet operation and 12-inch pneumatic tires on a rugged steel base for easy maneuverability. 800-833-1212;

12 // General Pipe Cleaners JM-2900 Jet-Set

The JM-2900 Jet-Set gas-powered water jet from General Pipe Cleaners can quickly clear grease, sand and ice in 4- to 8-inch drainlines. It is designed to be light and maneuverable, and it is driven by a 13 hp Honda engine connected directly to a 3,000 psi, 4 gpm triplex pump. Vibra-Pulse helps the hose slide around tight bends in small lines and down long runs. A 200-foot-capacity hose reel with reel brake is mounted on a heavy-duty frame with two 10-inch flat-free foam-core tires. It has a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, along with a backflow check valve and inlet filter. An optional spray wand is available. 800-245-6200;

13 // MyTana M30

MyTana’s M30 provides the power and range to clean 1.5- to 6-inch lines without sacrificing maneuverability. It has a removable hose reel which, combined with the 50-foot jumper hose and reel stand, allows indoor jetting while the 390cc Honda motor remains outside. The industrial pump delivers 4.5 gpm at 3,000 psi and has thermal protection and pulsation control. Attach a rotating nozzle and take on most any blockage. The engine has electric start (EZ start bypass), automatic throttle down and auto choke to help the motor run efficiently. The reel carries 200 feet of 3/8-inch jetter hose, while a 75-foot 1/8-inch hose for smaller lines is available. All components are thoughtfully packaged on a rugged cart with balanced weight. Designed for cleaning professionals, it is easy to load, maneuver, maintain and use. 800-328-8170;

14 // RIDGID KJ-1350 Water Jetter

The RIDGID KJ-1350 Water Jetter propels a highly flexible hose through 1 1/4- to 4-inch lines, blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As users pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drainlines to their free-flowing capacity. A working pressure of 1,350 psi and flow of 1.4 gpm provides fast, effective cleaning of lines. It comes standard with a 1.5 hp motor that draws a maximum of 14 amps, can run on most standard 115-volt circuits and is CSA and UL standards approved. Simply guide the hose into the drain while the thrust propels the hose down the line. Activate the pulse action to easily navigate difficult bends and traps, and utilize the pressure control valve for quick and easy pressure adjustment. The optional H-10 cart makes for easy job site transport. 800-474-3443;

15 // Spartan Tool Cadet

The Cadet from Spartan Tool is a compact electric jetter that is easily portable to be taken inside to quickly clear grease and soft clogs. Take the jet directly to the problem and eliminate stretching a jetting hose from outside the building. The triplex plunger pump provides a true 1,500 psi or 1.4 gpm to scour the entire circumference of lines up to 3 inches. It is suitable for single-family homes, multifamily residential buildings and offices. The unit measures 14-by-22.5-by-9 inches and includes two nozzles (one open, one closed). Its easy convenience means users can clear lines more quickly and its compact size leaves plenty of real estate in the work truck. 800-435-3866;

Truck/Trailer Jetters

16 // American Jetter 51T Series 4020

The 51T Series 4020 trailer jet from American Jetter offers 40 gpm at 2,200 psi. Consistent power is provided by dual Kohler electronic fuel injection gasoline engines creating 76 hp, saving up to 20% fuel, while avoiding problems associated with carburetor engines. Low water shut-off prevents pump damage if the optional 600- to 800-gallon tanks run low. The main reel holds up to 800 feet of 3/4-inch hose, and speed control allows for precise cleaning in both directions. A long-range wireless remote option allows for water ON/OFF, engine shutdown and hose reel control. The heavy-duty square tubing trailer offers standard electric brakes on both axles. 866-944-3569;

17 // Cam Spray 3012H Compact Skid Mount Jetter

The 3012H Compact Skid Mount Jetter from Cam Spray is designed to go into a high cube van or pickup bed and take up as little space possible while still flowing 12 gpm at 3,000 psi. Features include a Honda iGX 800 fuel-injected gasoline engine with oil alert and hour meter, powering a gearbox-driven plunger pump with ceramic plungers, stainless steel valves, pressure gauge and 80-mesh water filter. The pump is protected by an unloader valve and secondary pop-off. A power pulse feature is used for navigating longer runs and elbows. The 100-gallon tank includes low water shut-off and a float valve to manage filling the tank. An industrial coated skid platform and frame offers transferability between vans, trucks and trailers, while mounting flanges and d-rings allow for the machine to be fastened or tied down. The machine measures 52 inches long by 41.5 inches wide by 50 inches tall. 800-648-5011; 

18 // GapVax G7 Jetter  

The G7 Jetter from GapVax is built on a heavy-duty, contractor-grade NATM-certified trailer. Several engine choices, including Cummins diesel, are certified and sized appropriately for the water pump combinations. The unit’s hose reel is hydraulically powered with a direct-drive gearbox and variable-speed control. The hose reel offers a 3-foot (curbside) articulation from center of bearing, 180-degree rotation and a capacity of 800 feet of 3/4-inch jetter hose. The polyethylene plastic water tank is available in 300-, 500-, 600- or 700-gallon capacities. The water pump is center-fed for optimum performance. The controller is interlocked with safety features that will show low fuel levels and low water, and is capable of a complete engine shutdown in an emergency. 888-442-7829;

19 // HotJet USA HotJet II

The HotJet USA HotJet II trailer-mounted jetter is available with hydraulic hose reels and a 37 hp Vanguard fuel-injected engine. Operating with hot or cold water, it runs at 12 gpm at 4,000 psi, cleaning 2- to 12-inch lines, making it a suitable alternative between the small output and larger output machines. It arrives turnkey upon delivery with a 330-gallon water tank, detergent tanks and full power-washing capabilities for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing after the job. It includes a hydraulic hose reel, heavy-duty 7,000-pound-rated tandem axle trailer (single axle also available), rear control panel with a remote control and two heavy-duty diamond-plate side toolboxes and one front toolbox. 800-624-8186;

20 // Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment Model 184

The Mongoose Jetters by Sewer Equipment Model 184 comes with a run-dry pump offering 18 gpm at 4,000 psi, a tubular steel frame, corrosion-resistant prepainted subassemblies, state-of-the-art controls, strong hose reel and high-quality gas engine. It is suitable for drain cleaning and sewer jetting, remote access locations, mainlines up to 12 inches in diameter and commercial and industrial lines. The trailer unit comes with a water tank capacity of 300 gallons and standard hose reel capacity of 600 feet of 1/2-inch hose. The trailer setup consists of a 6,000-pound-rated single-axle trailer, and the addition of a wireless remote control system makes this equipment a true one-man operation. It is also available as a van pack or truck-mounted unit. 815-835-5566;

21 // Super Products SuperJet

The SuperJet truck-mounted jetter from Super Products is used to blast debris to clear blockages and maintain sewer lines when vacuuming extraction is not required. It uses a strong and smooth single-piston water pump to create consistently high water pressure. Units come standard with rotationally molded polyethylene water tanks in a modular design to accommodate water capacities ranging from 1,080 to 3,240 gallons. Additionally, they offer convenient standard curbside and street-side fill. The hose reel has 1,000 feet of 1-inch-diameter sewer hose, 200-degree rotation and a digital monitor. This allows operators to work efficiently while positioning themselves out of traffic and away from other hazards. The monitor displays a hose footage count, offers 20 saved settings for hose reel payout and is designed with LED panel lights to enable readability in a variety of environments. 800-837-9711;

22 // Vacall AllJet

Vacall’s AllJet truck-mounted jetter is an easy-to-operate, efficient sewer root maintenance machine. The hydraulically powered triplex plunger water pump is capable of 87 gpm at 2,000 psi with other power options available. The hose reel telescopes out 54 inches from a retracted position and swivels 200 degrees to properly direct the 600-foot jetting hose. It uses a single-engine PTO design and a 1,600-gallon UV-resistant polyethylene water tank. Operator-friendly features include four locking aluminum tool storage cabinets, a rear-view camera, roll-up doors and a washdown system, with options including LED lighting packages, an extendable rear canopy and a heating and insulation package inside the all-aluminum rear compartment. 800-382-8302;  


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