Product News - June 2022

Product News - June 2022

1 // Snake Trap toilet auger cover

Snake Trap’s universal 6-foot toilet auger cover solves the longstanding problem of how to transport toilet augers to and from jobs without making a mess or spreading infected drippings. Fitting the majority of major brands including RIDGID, General Pipe Cleaners and Brasscraft, Snake Trap’s toilet auger cover line allows for one-handed tool transport with no drips, eliminating the use of two-handed, unsanitary methods such as towels, spackle buckets or garbage bags. The company’s drip prevention has been endorsed by the Association for Professionals in Infection and Disease Control - Long Island and is sold nationally on, and 631-686-4447;

2 // Milwaukee Tool M12 stick transfer pump

Milwaukee Tool’s new M12 stick transfer pump transfers water without interruption, and the water transfer pump delivers superior filtration and eliminates the hassles of manual pumping. Featuring a 36-inch submersible aluminum barrel, the pump has the reach and inlet control needed to get to water in difficult-to-access areas such as trenches, storm drains and water meter boxes. Milwaukee’s new HydroPass filter technology maximizes water flow in heavy debris to pump up to 9 gallons of water per minute. The 360-degree filter minimizes downtime caused by clogging, increasing productivity on the job. With a 15-foot maximum head height and an outlet compatible with a standard 3/4-inch garden hose, the water transfer pump delivers the power to push water out of pits and basins and over walls. 800-729-3878;

3 // FORMADRAIN Durapox 501 steam-cured resin

FORMADRAIN’s Durapox 501 is a two-part CIPP steam-cured resin with a 60-day open time. Ideal for remote jobs, the resin comes in two parts so it can be controlled when it’s mixed. Because the resin remains “fresh,” it maintains optimal wet-out properties, but drips less once applied. Durapox 501 has the high-performance mechanical properties and cure times of the standard Durapox line plus the advantages of the company’s Formapox resins. 888-337-6764;

4 // Minicam Proteus LAT150

The Proteus LAT150 from Minicam can inspect lateral pipes up to 150 feet and has an overall tractor crawl distance up to 1,150 feet. The launch mechanism can be adjusted and serviced on site, minimizing downtime and reducing running costs. The unit has 8x8-wheel drive, keeping inspections moving through potential obstructions in the pipe. A hinged midsection on the tractor allows for easy access into 12-inch manholes and runs in mainlines from 6 inches and up. The pan-and-rotate camera is less than 2 inches and includes twin lasers, providing accurate pipe diameter, defect and object measurements every time. 734-744-5557; 


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