Product Spotlight: Big Drain Cleaning Power in a Small Package

Product Spotlight: Big Drain Cleaning Power in a Small Package

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Clearing sink, bathtub and shower drains requires a cable machine with enough power to blast through blockages. However, those drains are often found in tight quarters, which can make maneuvering large cable machines into place especially difficult. That’s why Duracable’s well known “sink machine,” the DM138, is so popular.

The DM138 sits flat on the counter or floor, or can tip back and operate in the vertical position to clear sink lines or bathtubs full of water. According to Jamie Surovy, director of manufacturing with Duracable, it is one of the smallest drain cleaning machines available, but has enough power to cut through any tough clog that is found in residential plumbing lines, most often a sink.

“The front bearing mount and pillow-block-style bearing increase the stability and toughness of the machine, while adding extra stability for the drum and cable,” he says. “The front bearing also allows the drum to be self-aligning. The machine can be used vertically or horizontally, and also comes with our guide tube which protects the customers’ surfaces while the machine is running.”

The DM138 features a 1/4 hp motor which operates at 230 rpm with an air foot pedal. The full package includes two cable drums: a 14-inch enclosed polyethylene reel with 90 feet of 3/8-inch drain cable, plus a second 8-inch enclosed polyethylene reel with 37 feet of 1/4-inch cable. It is ideal for cleaning plumbing pipes from 1 to 3 inches in diameter. The two cable reels can quickly be easily switched, making it adaptable for any residential job and giving operators more flexibility when choosing drain cable size and length. The DM138 measures in at a tidy 20-by-14-by-15.25 inches and weighs 22.5 pounds, making it easy to move around and fit into even the smallest workspace.

Hollow-core drain cable is the standard style included with all machines, but specialty cable can be substituted. Surovy says Duracable’s sales reps can talk users through which cables will work best in their machine. DuraFlex cable is known for its longevity and repairability. If the cable kinks or breaks, it’s easy to cut out the damaged part and splice the two ends back together.

“We have heard great things about this from the field,” Surovy says. “The versatility of this machine, being lightweight and, most important, being durable and tough are what we hear about most.” 800-247-4081;


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