Product Spotlight: April 2022

Product Spotlight: April 2022

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Inspection systems aren’t truly “portable” as long as you have to plug them in. In an effort to make a truly portable camera, General Pipe Cleaners designed the Gen-Eye X-POD Plus sewer camera system to operate off its Gen-Pack battery adapter, while including a Wi-Fi transmitter and an on-screen distance counter as standard equipment to boost productivity and profitability.

“Because of the Gen-Pack battery adapter option, the X-POD Plus can go almost anywhere and solve a problem more easily for up to 12 hours on one charge,” says Joe Kozlowski, director, marketing and communications for General Pipe Cleaners. “The Wi-Fi transmitter allows you to view a project remotely in real time and/or record it on your cellphone or other electronic device. With this feature, you can discuss the issue with clients or other colleagues to develop and execute the best solution. Having a distance counter quickly and easily allows you to see how the cable has traveled.”

Fuse-protected to safeguard the equipment investment, the Gen-Pack battery adapter is also available separately. In addition, the built-in Wi-Fi transmitter lets the user view and record work on a cellphone or tablet. Using the system’s USB port, they can also archive activity on handy flash drives. An on-screen distance counter also shows how far the camera has traveled down a line in feet or meters. For optimum accuracy, settings can be adjusted for full-size or mini-reel configurations.

The X-POD Plus Command Module includes a large 7-inch LCD color monitor with a sun screen for easy viewing in any location, one-touch recording for speed and convenience, a 4X digital zoom for close-up inspections, voice-over recording for job site commentary, and a date and time stamp for work documentation. A durable docking arm supports the module and permits height and angle adjustments for the optimal viewing. The full-size package also includes a self-leveling color camera and 200 feet of Gel-Rod for inspecting 3- to 10-inch drainlines. The compact Mini-Reel carries 100 or 200 feet of Gel-Rod with mini color self-leveling camera for troubleshooting 2- and 3-inch lines.

“Because of the benefits the Gen-Eye X-POD Plus brings to the workplace, it is one of our best sellers,” Kozlowski says. “It is a very popular product with great features and versatility.” 800-245-6200;


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